These are a mix of other stones that didn't have thier own galleries.

Paisley Purple Jasper 1863 : Not sure where Paisley Purple is from since I got all I have from an old friend #gallery Paisley_Purple_Jasper_1863

CAB 1863

Pala Mine Feldspar 1859 : All that Feldspar you go through to find Tourmalines cuts nice cabs too. From the Pala Mine #gallery Pala_Mine_Feldspar_1859

CAB 1859

Parrot Wing Jasper 1852 : IBright Green Parrot Wing sure makes a statement. #gallery Parrot_Wing_Jasper_1852

CAB 1852

Pigeon Blood Agate 527  :  A pretty shallow ellipse of Pigeon Blood Agate from Green river Utah.  Only made it there once but I want to go back. #gallery Pigeon_Blood_Agate_527

CAB 527

Pigeon Blood Agate 528  : #gallery Pigeon_Blood_Agate_528

CAB 528

Pigeon Blood Agate 1404 #gallery Pigeon_Blood_Agate_1404

CAB 1404

Pigeon Blood Agate 1806 : Nice rare Pigeon Blood Agate in a nice gemmy Clear with the classic spots. Mirror finish. #gallery Pigeon_Blood_Agate_1806

CAB 1806

Pigeon Blood Agate 1807 :  Another very nice Pigeon Blood cab in Clear. #gallery Pigeon_Blood_Agate_1807

CAB 1807

Pigeon Blood Agate 1808 : What a super nice cab and gemmy. Red spots floating in the Milky agate. #gallery Pigeon_Blood_Agate_1808

CAB 1808

Pink Tourmaline 1871 : A nice small oval of Pink Tourmaline. #gallery Pink_Tourmaline_1871

CAB 1871

Plume Agate 529  :  A wonderful free form of Black Plume Agate.  Not sure the materials location but it might be Marfa or West Texas. #gallery Plume_Agate_529

CAB 529

Plume Agate 530  :  A slender badge cut of Woodward Ranch Plume Agate from Texas.  Plume is wonderful to cut when it has such good form. #gallery Plume_Agate_530

CAB 530

Plume Agate 531  :  A very nice cut of very pretty Plume Agate.  Very rounded sides and a negative top cut really plays up these Plumes #gallery Plume_Agate_531

CAB 531

Plume Agate 532  :  A dark Agate with plumes covering most of it.  Very pretty stone. #gallery Plume_Agate_532

CAB 532

Plume Agate 533  :  No idea where it came from but what a drop dead cab!!  I purchased the slab from a dealer for about $6.00 #gallery Plume_Agate_533

CAB 533

Plume Agate 1405 #gallery Plume_Agate_1405

CAB 1405

Plume Agate 1406 #gallery Plume_Agate_1406

CAB 1406

Plume Agate 1835 : Cherry Red Plume from unknown source. Very showy. #gallery Plume_Agate_1835

CAB 1835

Plume Agate 1836 : Another Bright Red PLume cab from an inknown location. #gallery Plume_Agate_1836

CAB 1836

Plume Agate 1837 : Pastel Plumes from an unknown source Glossy cab is high end. #gallery Plume_Agate_1837

CAB 1837

Prehenite1841 : A nice Green Prehenite cab. #gallery Prehenite_1841

CAB 1841

Prehenite1842 : a Preheniote cab that is a bit Gemmier and very translucent. #gallery Prehenite_1842

CAB 1842

Priday Plume Agate 534  :  A traditional cab of classic Priday Plume Agate from Oregon.  Like a boquet of flowers underwater a very one of a king cab. #gallery Priday_Plume_Agate_534

CAB 534

Priday Plume Agate 1802 : Priday Plume cab from Oregon. #gallery Priday_Plume_Agate_1802

CAB 1802

Priday Plume Agate 1803 I did not cut this cab but purchased it as one I couldn't pass up. #gallery Priday_Plume_Agate_1803

CAB 1803

Priday Plume Agate 1804 I did not cut this cab but purchased it as one I couldn't pass up. #gallery Priday_Plume_Agate_1804

CAB 1804

Priday Plume Agate 1805 I did not cut this cab but got it partially cabbed and I just finished it. #gallery Priday_Plume_Agate_1805

CAB 1805

Queensland Agate 1718 : I love the Red and Blue Queensland material from Agate Creek.  A gloss finish and wicked pattern. #gallery Queensland_Agate_1718

CAB 1718

Queensland Agate 1719 : I love the Red and Blue Queensland material from Agate Creek.  A gloss finish and very nice pattern #gallery Queensland_Agate_1719

CAB 1719

Queensland Agate 1720 : Almost solid Cherry Red this cab sings. Gloss finish as usual with this material. #gallery Queensland_Agate_1720

CAB 1720

Queensland Agate 1721 : A Gemmy little stone with a great pattern. #gallery Queensland_Agate_1721

CAB 1721

Queensland Agate 1722 : I love the Lemon colors in Agate Creek this one is all pattern. #gallery Queensland_Agate_1722

CAB 1722

Queensland Agate 1723 A dark Red to White Queensland cab but this one refuse to let my camera focus on it. #gallery Queensland_Agate_1723

CAB 1723

Ruby 1844 : A Ruby from a bag of Sapphires I got in an Estate sale. #gallery Ruby_1844

CAB 1844

Sagenite Agate 1831 : Such a great Mexican Sagenite shield. I left the natural top on it. #gallery Sagenite_Agate_1831

CAB 1831

Sagenite Agate 1832 : Another Sagenite cab from Mexico. #gallery Sagenite_Agate_1832

CAB 1832

Sagenite Agate 1833 : Gemmiest cab of Mexican Sagenite I have ever done. #gallery Sagenite_Agate_1833

CAB 1833

Sagenite Agate 1862 : Almost looks like it is from a geode.  Very quality Sagenite with crystal center #gallery Sagenite_Agate_1862

CAB 1862

Sapphire 1864 : Another Sapphire I got from the estate sale. #gallery Sapphire_1864

CAB 1864

Smithsonite 491  :  A small milky cut of seafoam color Smithsonite. #gallery Smithsonite_491

CAB 491

Snowflake Obsidian 1857 : A very large Obsidian cab with a semi flat top. #gallery Snowflake_Obsidian_1857

CAB 1857

Sodalite 492  :  A very Gemmy Sodalite cab.  Dark Blue and almost no veining.  Perfect for a small pendant or Bracelet. #gallery Sodalite_492

CAB 492

Sodalite 493  :  A simple cut of Sodalite.  The contrasting White and dark Blues make this very pretty. #gallery Sodalite_493

CAB 493

Stefoinite 1848 : I have about 8 large slabs of this lost material. No one knows it's locale and most think it is underwater. #gallery Stefoinite_1848

CAB 1848

Sugilite 1818 : Freefrom of Sugilite #gallery Sugilite_1818

CAN 1818

Sugilite 1819 : A nice Ellipse of Sugilite. #gallery Sugilite_1819

CAB 1819

Sugilite 1820 : Another rich Pruple Sugilite cab albeit small. #gallery Sugilite_1820

CAB 1820

Sunstone 1698 : I think this is Indian Sunstone and a pretty material with bright crystal flashes. #gallery Sunstone_1698

CAB 1698

Sweetwater Agate 494  :  A traditional cab or Wyoming Sweetwater Agate.  The dendrite is not sharp which gives the stone a visual depth which is nice. #gallery Sweetwater_Agate_494

CAB 494

Sweetwater Agate 495  :  A little gem.  Very nice dendrites floating on a milky background in this cab. #gallery Sweetwater_Agate_495

CAB 495