Condor Agate comes from Argentina. A very hard and colorful Agate, it is often fractured like Lagunas and intact unfractured Nodules can cost Thousands of Dollars. As a designer I love fractures, it means the material drops in price and is sold to us to cut. On average Broken nodules run from 10 to 30 dollars per lb.

Traded Condor Agate 637  :  A nice Condor with a great pattern, colors look like the Carnelian that has been sun bleached to the rawhide color. #gallery Traded_Condor_Agate_637T

Traded Share 2008

Traded Condor Agate 638:  I loved this stone but he picked it on his share.  A very pretty stone with that light pattern in the middle of the Red and Black. #gallery Traded_Condor_Agate_638T

Traded Share 2008

Traded Condor Agate 639  :  Although froma  distance it looks sort of monotone, this stone has very nice bands and subtle color changes. #gallery Traded_Condor_Agate_639T

Traded Share 2008

Condor Agate 631  :  Nice Colors and a great polish on this small Condor Agate. #gallery Condor_Agate_631

CAB 631

Traded Condor Agate 640  :  Another Acorn shape, this stone has great depth down in the Red inside the Orange band. #gallery Traded_Condor_Agate_640T

Traded Share 2008

Traded Condor Agate 641  :  A finla Acorn shape and again great polish and wonderful patterns. #gallery Traded_Condor_Agate_641T

Traded Share 2008

Condor Agate 632  :  Reminds me of an Acorn.  These colors are typical of Condor and also smilar to the Dryhead in the U.S. #gallery Condor_Agate_632

CAB 632

Condor Agate 633  :  Dark reds but a very pretty stone with #gallery Condor_Agate_633

CAB 633

Condor Agate 634:  I like the wave I used on the top of this stone following the color lines.  Just look at the loight reflection in the stone Condor take a great polish. #gallery Condor_Agate_634

CAB 634

Condor Agate 635  :  A very dramatic cab.  I used the negaive shapes of the fortification to decide the shape of the cab cutting several negatives.  Condor is very hard and takes a perfect polish. #gallery Condor_Agate_635

CAB 635

Condor Agate 636:  Reds, Browns and Oranges in this swirling Condor Tube Agate.  Very nice #gallery Condor_Agate_636

CAB 636

Condor Agate 1776 : Condor when crack free is amazing.  Wonderful Autumn colors in this nice large cab.  High polish #gallery Condor_Agate_1776

CAB 1776

Condor Agate 1777 : A smaller pendant cab of rich Orange and Brown Condor Agate.  This material always takes a mirror finish. #gallery Condor_Agate_1777

CAB 1777

Condor Agate 1778 : A slendar long oval of Red Condor Agate with small Sagenite on one side #gallery Condor_Agate_1778

CAB 1778