The Agatized Coral on this page is all from Bali, Indonesia. A gentleman imported about 10 tons of the highly Agatized Coral about 6 years back at Quartzite. Very pretty material with amazing details but like many petrified Corals much of it does have some empty holes that did not fill. This material comes in multiple colors however the orange is dominant.

Petrified Coral 862  :  Medium cab of fantastic polyps with great colors. #gallery Petrified_Coral_862

CAB 862

Petrified Coral 863  :  A geometric beveled cab of Brain Coral with a nice color change and a switrl in the polyps. #gallery Petrified_Coral_863

CAB 863

Petrified Coral 864  :  A very long beveled drop of Brain Coral with nice color changes. #gallery Petrified_Coral_864

CAB 864

Petrified Coral 865  :  A long bar of beautiful polyps. #gallery Petrified_Coral_865

CAB 865

Petrified Coral 866  :  A triangle drop of small polyp Coral, very intricate and would make a great pendant. #gallery Petrified_Coral_866

CAB 866

Petrified Coral 867  :  A very small cab of Brain Coral. #gallery Petrified_Coral_867

CAB 867

Petrified Coral 868  :  Small stone for a ring or small pendant in creme polyps. #gallery Petrified_Coral_868

CAB 868

Petrified Coral 869  :  One polyp takes whole stone and it looks monotone but it has amazing details in the polyp. #gallery Petrified_Coral_869

CAB 869

Petrified Coral 870  :  A small stone for a ring 2 large polyps take the whole stone #gallery Petrified_Coral_870

CAB 870

Petrified Coral 871  :  A small traditional oval with large polyps and mirror polish. #gallery Petrified_Coral_871

CAB 871

Petrified Coral 872  :  Medium Polyp and nice color changes in this beveled bar cut. #gallery Petrified_Coral_872

CAB 872