Self collected Agate from the world famous Horse Canyon Agate beds of Tehachapi, CA. Closed twice in the 60's. I was able to collect here intermittently in the 90's. We had it open to clubs for a short while in the early 2k's and then it was closed again due to trespassing and fence cutting. What a waste thanks to some morons out there. This location was one of my favorite collecting areas! I was granted a couple final trips before the land was sold for development. Fortunately I have several hundred lbs. of top cutting material.

Horse Canyon Agate 707  :  A Milky floater in a Solid Crystal Quartz cab.  Cut thinned I am sure this would have Iris'd #gallery Horse_Canyon_Agate_707

CAB 707

Horse Canyon Agate 708  :  Black Tubes rising thru a nice milky agate in a traditional cab #gallery Horse_Canyon_Agate_708

CAB 708

Horse Canyon Agate 713  :  A Black Agate from the Red Clay area of Horse Canyon.  It has some sparkles of Marcasite in the stone but just look at the reflection of my fingers and camera in the stone. #gallery Horse_Canyon_Agate_713

CAB 713

Horse Canyon Agate 717  :  White Opal tube with a Crystal pocket. #gallery Horse_Canyon_Agate_717

CAB 717

Horse Canyon Agate 718  :  A dark Green and Brown Moss agate from Horse.  Not that exciting but the agate is of excellent quality with no under cutting.  I will need to recut the stone to a more pleasing shape. #gallery Horse_Canyon_Agate_718

CAB 718

Horse Canyon Agate 722  :  An almost totally White Opal cab from Horse. #gallery Horse_Canyon_Agate_722

CAB 722

Horse Canyon Dendritic  Agate 705  :  A Beautiful milky Agate cab with dendrite plumes throughout and 3 in the bottom front that look like sage brush. #gallery Horse_Canyon_Dendritic_Agate_705

CAB 705

Horse Canyon Dendritic Agate 706  :  A very gemmy dendrite filled agate.  I used negative cuts on both sides to enhance the stone. #gallery Horse_Canyon_Dendritic_Agate_706

CAB 706

Horse Canyon Dendritic Agate 715  :  The banded Opal Agate in more common in Horse Canyon but not the Dendrites.  A very nice cab. #gallery Horse_Canyon_Dendritic_Agate_715

CAB 715

Horse Canyon Moss Agate 709  :  Everyone that looks at this cab sees the Tree on the hillside and the fog coming in.  A nice treat. #gallery Horse_Canyon_Moss_Agate_709

CAB 709

Horse Canyon Moss Agate 711  :  A great example of the Green Tube Moss from Horse Canyon in this traditional 30/40 cut. #gallery Horse_Canyon_Moss_Agate_711

CAB 711

Horse Canyon Moss Agate 712  :  This cab of Green and Gold Tube Moss was from a piece of rough I picked up on my very first time into Horse Canyon. #gallery Horse_Canyon_Moss_Agate_712

CAB 712

Horse Canyon Moss Agate 1779 : I love Horse Canyon and collected many types of Moss and plume there. Tall tear drop of Brown Moss here. #gallery Horse_Canyon_Moss_Agate_1779

CAB 1779

Horse Canyon Moss Agate 1780 : Beautiful long ellipse of very high end Horse Canyon Moss, the Carmel Agate color plays well here. #gallery Horse_Canyon_Moss_Agate_1780

CAB 1780

Horse Canyon Petrified Palm 735  :  Another stone from the canyon is Petrified Palm.  I found a full round stump there that was 10 #gallery Horse_Canyon_Petrified_Palm_735

CAB 735

Petrified Palm Wood 1609 : This is from a large log of Palm Wood I found in Horse Canyon years ago.  Log is about 35 lbs. #gallery Horse_Canyon_Petrified_Palm_1609

CAB 1609

Petrified Palm Root 1607 : A double whamy, Horse Canyon and Palm Root.  Such an elegant cab. #gallery Horse_Canyon_Petrified_Palm_Root_1607

CAB 1607

Horse Canyon Plume 725  :  I wanted to keep the rough bubbly surface of the plume on the top of this cab and boy did it work out well.  It litereally looks like a bouquet of flowers #gallery Horse_Canyon_Plume_725

CAB 725

Horse Canyon Plume Agate 702  :  A nice small translucent agate with Green and Cream Plumes. #gallery Horse_Canyon_Plume_Agate_702

CAB 702

Horse Canyon Plume Agate 703  :  A pretty little Green Plume in Black Translucent Agate and a small Crystal vug. #gallery Horse_Canyon_Plume_Agate_703

CAB 703

Horse Canyon Plume Agate 704  :  I got 2 slices out of the stone and WOW.   Finding these multi colored Plumes hiding in these White clouds was quote the treat.  A large stone and top notch. #gallery Horse_Canyon_Plume_Agate_704

CAB 704

Horse Canyon Plume Agate 710  :  Great White Plumes running all thru this Gold and Black Agate. #gallery Horse_Canyon_Plume_Agate_710

CAB 710

Horse Canyon Plume Agate 714  :  White Plume on Black with extremely well formed plumes!  This is waiting for a ring to hold it. #gallery Horse_Canyon_Plume_Agate_714

CAB 714

Horse Canyon Plume Agate 716  :  A stunning stone with Cherry Red and Gold Plume floating in a Clear Agate.  Although I found this in Horse Canyon they are very rare colors #gallery Horse_Canyon_Plume_Agate_716

CAB 716

Horse Canyon Plume Agate 719  :  Another large cab with Cream, White and Green Plumes in a Clear and Black Agate. #gallery Horse_Canyon_Plume_Agate_719

CAB 719

Horse Canyon Plume Agate 720  :  A small ring stone but featuring White Plumes against a gloss Black Agate. #gallery Horse_Canyon_Plume_Agate_720

CAB 720

Horse Canyon Plume Agate 721  :  A nice half barrel for a necklace with Black and White contrasts and some cottage cheese Plume in the corner. #gallery Horse_Canyon_Plume_Agate_721

CAB 721

Horse Canyon Plume Agate 723  :  A pretty stone with Gold Plumes and Black accents against a White backdrop are fantastic in this early cut. #gallery Horse_Canyon_Plume_Agate_723

CAB 723

Horse Canyon Plume Agate 724  :  Simply awesome.  This is what made Horse Canyon Famous.  This cab is all plume with Green, Orange, Yellow, Black, Red and even Lavendar.  This was a piece if seam material that looked almost black from the side and was a little over 1/4 #gallery Horse_Canyon_Plume_Agate_724

CAB 724

Horse Canyon Plume Agate 726  :  Not self collected.  A great very gemmy cab in the Black and plumes with a small area of the comon Opal.  A classic cab from this classic location. #gallery Horse_Canyon_Plume_Agate_726

CAB 726

Horse Canyon Plume Agate 727  :  Not self collected.  This was just like some of the first plume material I had collected when I first got access to Horse Canyon.  A beautiful cab. #gallery Horse_Canyon_Plume_Agate_727

CAB 727

Horse Canyon Plume Agate 737  :  A simple fan cut in Black with Cream colored plumes. #gallery Horse_Canyon_Plume_Agate_737

CAB 1670

Horse Canyon Plume Agate 739  :  The White clouds in this Agate hide the Black coating with Plume centers but cutting through them makes for a pretty stone. #gallery Horse_Canyon_Plume_Agate_739

CAB 1687

Horse Canyon Plume Agate 740  :  Black Agate and plumes surrounded by White Agate and then layer after layer of waterlines.  Large cab and very beautiful. #gallery Horse_Canyon_Plume_Agate_740

CAB 1688

Horse Canyon Plume Agate 741 #gallery Horse_Canyon_Plume_Agate_741

CAB 1655

Horse Canyon Plume Agate 743  :  All Plumes!  White, Gold, Carmel, Black  This is a very large traditional cab that blows your mind with a loupe. #gallery Horse_Canyon_Plume_Agate_743

CAB 1691

Horse Canyon Plume Agate 758  :  A large traditional cab with White, Green and a bit of Carmel Plumes popping up all over this cab. #gallery Horse_Canyon_Plume_Agate_758

CAB 1920

Horse Canyon Plume Agate 1781 #gallery Horse_Canyon_Plume_Agate_1781

CAB 1781

Horse Canyon Plume Agate 1782 : Pretty Egg of puffy style of Horse Canyon Plume #gallery Horse_Canyon_Plume_Agate_1782

CAB 1782

Horse Canyon Plume Agate 1783 : A slendar bar of Horse Canyon Plume where the pliume hides inside White cloud like inclusions in the Agate. #gallery Horse_Canyon_Plume_Agate_1783

CAB 1783

Horse Canyon Plume Agate 1784 : Mid teardrop of earhy plume in a clear cab. #gallery Horse_Canyon_Plume_Agate_1784

CAB 1784

Horse Canyon Tube Agate 742  :  A great large traditional cab with pastel Yellow tubes snaking all thru a Carmel Yellow Agate. #gallery Horse_Canyon_Tube_Agate_742

CAB 1690

Horse Canyon Tube Agate 745  :  White Opal, Tubes and Green Moss with translucent Agate pockets. #gallery Horse_Canyon_Tube_Agate_745

CAB 1902

Horse Canyon Tube Agate 759  :  A traditional ellipse cab with the clean Milky Agate and straight White tubes and Green Moss centers. #gallery Horse_Canyon_Tube_Agate_759

CAB 1921

Traded Horse Canyon Plume Agate 728  :  Not self collected.  This was just like some of the first plume material I had collected when I first got access to Horse Canyon.  A beautiful cab. #gallery Traded_Horse_Canyon_Plume_Agate_728

Traded Cab N/A

Traded Horse Canyon Plume Agate 729  :  Not self collected.  A large cab of the beautiful Black Agate with Green and Cream Plumes coming in from the edges. #gallery Traded_Horse_Canyon_Plume_Agate_729

Traded Cab N/A