These are from the Singleton Ranch South of Marfa, Texas. The Singleton has a wide variety of Plume Agates whose colors go across the spectrum. The prized are the colored Bouquet Agates whoever the Black Plumes from the ranch are no slouches as you see.

Singleton Plume Agate 1570 A round of Singleton Plume that looks like a tree. #gallery Singleton_Plume_Agate_1570

CAB 1570

Singleton Plume Agate 1571 : What a great cab of Singleton Plume in a badge cut. #gallery Singleton_Plume_Agate_1571

CAB 1571

Singleton Plume Agate 1572 : Don't you wish you had found this little beauty?  I have spent a lot of time hunting these on the ranch. #gallery Singleton_Plume_Agate_1572

CAB 1572

Singleton Plume Agate 1573 : Black Plume freeform.  I have spent many days hunting for plumes here #gallery Singleton_Plume_Agate_1573

CAB 1573

Singleton Plume Agate 2013 : I left the course grit on the back of this cab to frost behind these amazing plumes. #gallery Singleton_Plume_Agate_2013

CAB 2013

Singleton Plume Agate 2014 : A high dome made from a half nodule leaving the natural bubbly cavity in this gem. #gallery Singleton_Plume_Agate_2014

CAB 2014

Singleton Plume Agate 2015 : Lots of plumes in this trillion cut. #gallery Singleton_Plume_Agate_2015

CAB 2015

Singleton Plume Agate 2016 : Strong centered plumes are showy in this pendant stone #gallery Singleton_Plume_Agate_2016

CAB 2016

Singleton Plume Agate 2017 : I left the natural bubbly topto grave this stone that just screams to be made into a pendant. #gallery Singleton_Plume_Agate_2017

CAB 2017

Singleton Plume Agate 2018 : Textbook plumes like a seaweed forest make this cab a gem. #gallery Singleton_Plume_Agate_2018

CAB 2018

Singleton Plume Agate 2019 : I isolated a single plume to center this stone. A perfect ring or pendant stone. #gallery Singleton_Plume_Agate_2019

CAB 2019

Singleton Plume Agate 2020 : I isolated a single plume to center this stone. A perfect ring or pendant stone. #gallery Singleton_Plume_Agate_2020

CAB 2020

Singleton Plume Agate 2021 : Super grey plumes wth some color make this cab so nice. #gallery Singleton_Plume_Agate_2021

CAB 2021

Singleton Plume Agate 2022 : Loads of Black plumes in this wide teardrop. #gallery Singleton_Plume_Agate_2022

CAB 2022

Singleton Plume Agate 2023 : I isolated a single plume to center this stone. A perfect ring or pendant stone. #gallery Singleton_Plume_Agate_2023

CAB 2023

Singleton Plume Agate 2024 : Some Yellow plume on the face with Black plumes coming from behind. #gallery Singleton_Plume_Agate_2024

CAB 2024