Palm Root Agate is very much like a Petrified Wood, Organic matter that is trapped and replaced by silica, turning the original form to stone. Palm Root is just so unique that it doesn't seem right to throw it in with the different types of woods. Each collecting area offers different varieties of roots both in shape, colors and the quality of how well the Root was replaced. Some Palm Root Agate you could look at with a loupe and then cut a root from a living Palm tree and find them almost identical they are that well replaced. I love when Root looks like a Dali painting of clocks melting. My favorite stone was top center that I cut like an Eye.

Traded Palm Root Agate 859T  :  Dark outter rings on these well replaced Palm Roots. #gallery Traded_Palm_Root_Agate_859T

Traded Share 2008

Traded Palm Root Agate 860T  :    Dark outter rings on these well replaced Palm Roots. #gallery Traded_Palm_Root_Agate_860T

Traded Share 2008

Traded Palm Root Agate 861T #gallery Traded_Palm_Root_Agate_861T

Traded Share 2008

Palm Root Agate 848  :  Floating in a Tan Agate these Roots are beautifully replaced.  The stone is excellent quality and finish. #gallery Palm_Root_Agate_848

CAB 848

Palm Root Agate 849  :  I cut this one to capture the #gallery Palm_Root_Agate_849

CAB 849

Palm Root Agate 850  :  Nice long roots in a glassy stone. #gallery Palm_Root_Agate_850

CAB 850

Palm Root Agate 851  :  This is the best stuff.  Multi colored roots in perfect replacement and high contrast.  A spectacular stone. #gallery Palm_Root_Agate_851

CAB 851

Palm Root Agate 852  :   Edison Palm from Bakersfield.  Very large eyes with perfect root structure. #gallery Palm_Root_Agate_852

CAB 852

Palm Root Agate 853  :  Wonderful Palm Root!  What a  snapshot of life.  This has perfect replacement so you can see every fiber of the original root structure.  These are great conversation starters. #gallery Palm_Root_Agate_853

CAB 853

Palm Root Agate 854  :  This beveled geometric cab is from Material just North of what is now Red Rock Canyon State Park. #gallery Palm_Root_Agate_854

CAB 854

Palm Root Agate 855  :  Just look at the replacement of the original Palm fibers!  An excellent example of Palm Root. #gallery Palm_Root_Agate_855

CAB 855

Palm Root Agate 856  :  Palm from north of Last Chance Canyon in a still collectable region. #gallery Palm_Root_Agate_856

CAB 856

Palm Root Agate 857  :  Another perfect example of Edwards Palm.  The multi colored eyes and high polish you can get from this material makes it very sought after.  With a loupe it is amazing the detail in the palm roots. #gallery Palm_Root_Agate_857

CAB 857

Traded Palm Root Agate 858T  :  A thin cab of lovely Palm Root and a nice elongated root giving taking the stage. #gallery Traded_Palm_Root_Agate_858T

Traded Cab - cut on shares

Traded Palm Root Agate 1341T  :  description #gallery Traded_Palm_Root_Agate_1341T

Traded Cab N/A

Traded Palm Root Agate 1342T  :  description #gallery Traded_Palm_Root_Agate_1342T

Traded Cab N/A

Traded Palm Root Agate 1149T  :  description #gallery Traded_Palm_Root_Agate_1149T

Traded Cab N/A

Traded Palm Root Agate 1148T  :  description #gallery Traded_Palm_Root_Agate_1148T

Traded Cab N/A

Traded Palm Root Agate 1153T  :  description #gallery Traded_Palm_Root_Agate_1153T

Traded Cab N/A

Traded Palm Root Agate 1152T  :  description #gallery Traded_Palm_Root_Agate_1152T

Traded Cab N/A

Traded Palm Root Agate 1151T  :  description #gallery Traded_Palm_Root_Agate_1151T

Traded Cab N/A

Traded Palm Root Agate 1150T  :  description #gallery Traded_Palm_Root_Agate_1150T

Traded Cab N/A

Palm Root Agate 1262  :  description #gallery Palm_Root_Agate_1262

CAB 1262

Palm Root Agate 1265  :  description #gallery Palm_Root_Agate_1265

CAB 1265

Palm Root Agate 1264  :  description #gallery Palm_Root_Agate_1264

CAB 1264

Palm Root Agate 1266  :  description #gallery Palm_Root_Agate_1266

CAB 1266

Palm Root Agate 1261  :  description #gallery Palm_Root_Agate_1261

CAB 1261

Palm Root Agate 1267  :  description #gallery Palm_Root_Agate_1267

CAB 1267

Palm Root Agate 1263  :  description #gallery Palm_Root_Agate_1263

CAB 1263