Rhodonite / Rhodochrosite is a Manganese Silicate (Rhodonite) and Manganese Carbonate (Rhodochrosite). It comes from around the world with several great locations in the U.S. and other locales like Argentina and Peru which have wonderful locations.

Rhodochorosite 914  :  From Argentina this Material is made up of Plumes on top of Plumes.  There tends to be more pockets but this is very interesting material to cut for patterns.
#gallery Rhodochorosite_914

CAB 914

Rhodonite 915  :  Australian, this just rocks color. #gallery Rhodonite_915

CAB 915

Rhodonite 916  :  Not sure of lacale but always pretty color combo. #gallery Rhodonite_916

CAB 916

Traded Rhodochorosite 918T  :  Probably Peru or Argentina material a lovely center of a stalactite. #gallery Traded_Rhodochorosite_918T

Traded Share 2008

Rhodonite 917  :  A pretty gemmy piece of material.  The Pinks almost look crystalline. #gallery Rhodonite_917

CAB 917

Traded Rhodochrosite 1089T  :  description #gallery Traded_Rhodochrosite_1089T

Traded Cab N/A