Stone Canyon Jasper is without question the top California Jasper. It's coloration and breciation is great. It is found on the San Andreas Fault near Paso Robles. I held the last 2 field trips into this site and many 1,000's of pounds were collected happily by the rockhounds on those trips. Stone Canyon's one weakness is also how it was formed, cracks. You must look very carefully at any slab before cutting to watch for hidden unhealed fractures. Once this is done the material is a dream to cut.

Stone Canyon Jasper 1077 #gallery Stone_Canyon_Jasper_1077

CAB 1077

Stone Canyon Jasper 1080  :  A small ring stone of Stone Canyon breciated Jasper #gallery Stone_Canyon_Jasper_1080

CAB 1080

Stone Canyon Jasper 1068  :  Perfect Stone Canyon Jasper.  This cab has the Yellow Jasper with milky veins and a Plum filling in the upper left.  Glassy polish is easy with this Jasper! #gallery Stone_Canyon_Jasper_1068

CAB 1068

Stone Canyon Jasper 1069 #gallery Stone_Canyon_Jasper_1069

CAB 1069

Stone Canyon Jasper 1070  :  My favorite filling with the Lemon Yellow Agate.  This color really compliments the Jasper. #gallery Stone_Canyon_Jasper_1070

CAB 1070

Stone Canyon Jasper 1071 #gallery Stone_Canyon_Jasper_1071

CAB 1071

Stone Canyon Jasper 1072 #gallery Stone_Canyon_Jasper_1072

CAB 1072

Stone Canyon Jasper 1073 #gallery Stone_Canyon_Jasper_1073

CAB 1073

Stone Canyon Jasper 1078 #gallery Stone_Canyon_Jasper_1078

CAB 1078

Stone Canyon Jasper 1079 #gallery Stone_Canyon_Jasper_1079

CAB 1079

Stone Canyon Jasper 1074 #gallery Stone_Canyon_Jasper_1074

CAB 1074

Stone Canyon Jasper 1075 #gallery Stone_Canyon_Jasper_1075

CAB 1075

Stone Canyon Jasper 1076 #gallery Stone_Canyon_Jasper_1076

CAB 1076