Walker Ranch is basically the same as the famous Woodward Ranch in West Texas. I had the opportunity to go to the ranch twice. The material was literally laying over the ground. I brought back a couple nodules that are the size of cantelopes although most are smaller in the couple inch range. I have not cut hardly any of the better nodules yet and have just been experimenting with the lesser pieces. A fantastic Plume Agate I love this material!

Walker Ranch Plume 476  :  A low domed geometric cut with Red framing the Black Plumes at center.  A very nice cab. #gallery Walker_Ranch_Plume_476

CAB 476

Walker Ranch Plume 477  :  Cherry Red plumes in this geometric cab of Agate from the Walker Ranch of West Texas. #gallery Walker_Ranch_Plume_477

CAB 477

Walker Ranch Plume 478  :  A nice cab with one main Plume blosson at top and other plumes up left side. #gallery Walker_Ranch_Plume_478

CAB 478

Walker Ranch Plume 479  :  A triangular cut with the Cherry reds and Black.  Short Plumes are vertical in cab and a bit hard to see from top. #gallery Walker_Ranch_Plume_479

CAB 479

Walker Ranch Plume 480  :  A pleasing cut for a pendant.  Beveled top and right side with rounded left.  Bright red Plumes. #gallery Walker_Ranch_Plume_480

CAB 480

Walker Ranch Plume 481  :  A dark cab with Black Plumes running up to Red tips.  A smaller barel cab shape for a pendant or ring. #gallery Walker_Ranch_Plume_481

CAB 481

Walker Ranch Plume 482  :  A nice bell shaped cab with Black and Red Plumes coming thru a Yellow Agate base. #gallery Walker_Ranch_Plume_482

CAB 482

Walker Ranch Plume 483  :  A fantastic stone.  I pulled this out of my slabs and just has to cut it.  What colors and Plumes.  And with the Cherry Agate colors, just spectacular. #gallery Walker_Ranch_Plume_483

CAB 483

Walker Ranch Plume 484  :  A close up of CAB 1996, lots of plumes and different colors. #gallery Walker_Ranch_Plume_484

CAB 483

Walker Ranch Plume 485  :  Red ribbons and Black Plumes make this a nice stone and would make a great pendant. #gallery Walker_Ranch_Plume_485

CAB 485

Walker Ranch Plume 486  :  A large cab of Yellowish and White Agate with the plumes popping up thru the stone. #gallery Walker_Ranch_Plume_486

CAB 486

Walker Ranch Plume 487  :  Triangular point of Red blossoms,  not really Plume in this piece but the puffs that surround the plumes.  Very bright and colorful. #gallery Walker_Ranch_Plume_487

CAB 487

Walker Ranch Plume 488  :  A very pretty cab with Red and Black plumes. #gallery Walker_Ranch_Plume_488

CAB 488

Walker Ranch Plume 489  :  Sinple rectangle low dome of nice Red Sparys and Black Plumes. #gallery Walker_Ranch_Plume_489

CAB 489

Walker Ranch Plume 490  :  The 1st cab I cut from the ranch.  The Black to the left and ochre to the right frames this perfect Plume in the cab. #gallery Walker_Ranch_Plume_490

CAB 490

Walker Ranch Plume Agate 1411 #gallery Walker_Ranch_Plume_Agate_1411

CAB 1411

Walker Ranch Agate 1392 #gallery Walker_Ranch_Agate_1392

CAB 1392

Walker Ranch Plume Agate 1412 #gallery Walker_Ranch_Plume_Agate_1412

CAB 1412