The Cady Mountains is one of the most prolific collecting areas in Southern California. It host a massive array of minerals, Jaspers and Agates. Tube, Iris, Moss, Plume, Sagenite, Fortification are all Agate varieties that can be found here along with several Jasper types.

Cady Mountains Agate 1858 : A tube Agate from the South Cady Mountains, I had a lot of fun in this area. #gallery Cady_Mountains_Agate_1858

CAB 1858

Cady Mountains Jasper 1814 : You can clearly see the stromatolite growth in this South Cady Mountains Jasper.  A very nice polish for such a complex Jasper. #gallery Cady_Mountains_Jasper_1814

CAB 1814

Cady Mountains Moss Agate 1813 : I found this Moss growing as a seam on the underside of a 20ft boulder in South Cady Mountains. #gallery Cady_Mountains_Moss_Agate_1813

CAB 1813

Cady Mountains Plume Agate 1811 : Ohhhh yeah!  I thought this was a moss agate when I picked it up in the Cady Mountains.  What a surprise this was.  Eat your heart out. #gallery Cady_Mountains_Plume_Agate_1811

CAB 1811

Cady Mountains Plume Agate 1812 : Another secret spot in the Cady Mountains.  We were picking up these small nodules from a non-decript hill and found the plume in them when we ground them down.  Not a lot there but so precious #gallery Cady_Mountains_Plume_Agate_1812

CAB 1812

Cady Mtns Agate 575  :  Found in the South Cady Mtns.  This Moss and Tube is very pretty.  Many stones from this spot Iris. #gallery Cady_Mtns_Agate_575

CAB 575

Cady Mtns Agate 576  :  Large traditional cab of Fortification Agate from the Cady Mtns. #gallery Cady_Mtns_Agate_576

CAB 576

Cady Mtns Agate 577  :  Pink Jasper from the Cady Mtns.  This rough showed orb on orb like Bruneau Jasper does. #gallery Cady_Mtns_Agate_577

CAB 577

Cady Mtns Agate 578:  Red and Gold Plume from the South Cady Mtns. #gallery Cady_Mtns_Agate_578

CAB 578

Cady Mtns Agate 579:  Geometric badge of ribbon Jasper from the South Cady Mtns. #gallery Cady_Mtns_Agate_579

CAB 579

Cady Mtns Agate 580:  I think this was the original Golden Lace Plume Mary Francis Strong mentioned in her book.  I found in the South Cady Mountains #gallery Cady_Mtns_Agate_580

CAB 580

Cady Mtns Agate 581  :  Central South Cady Mtns. have many small pieces of this material. #gallery Cady_Mtns_Agate_581

CAB 581

Cady Mtns Agate 582  :  I found a ledge with seams of the clear with stringers running thru it. #gallery Cady_Mtns_Agate_582

CAB 582

Cady Mtns Agate 583:  I found a canyon with quite a bit of this pretty material in it. #gallery Cady_Mtns_Agate_583

CAB 583

Cady Mtns Agate 584  :  A nice stone showing a colorful spray of Sagenite from the North Cady Mtns. #gallery Cady_Mtns_Agate_584

CAB 584

Cady Mtns Agate 585  :  A small cab of Milky White Agate and Red Moss running thru Central South Cady Mtns. #gallery Cady_Mtns_Agate_585

CAB 585

Cady Mtns Agate 586  :  Another piece from the seam material I found in the ledge, South Central Cady's. #gallery Cady_Mtns_Agate_586

CAB 586

Cady Mtns Agate 587  :  A thin cab of some White Plume coing up from the bottom of the cab, cut looking down on the plumes. #gallery Cady_Mtns_Agate_587

CAB 587

Cady Mtns Agate 588  :  North Cady Mountains, West of the Sagenite area produced this cab. #gallery Cady_Mtns_Agate_588

CAB 588

Cady Mtns Agate 589  :  Another stone from West of the Sagenite North Cady Mtns.  Very pretty. #gallery Cady_Mtns_Agate_589

CAB 589

Cady Mtns Agate 590:  Another great stone from the canyon that had quite a bit of this material, very showy. #gallery Cady_Mtns_Agate_590

CAB 590

Cady Mtns Agate 591  :  A newer location for me in the South Cadys, this material Rocks! #gallery Cady_Mtns_Agate_591

CAB 591

Cady Mtns Agate 592  :  Yet another from my new location in the South Cady Mountains. #gallery Cady_Mtns_Agate_592

CAB 592

Cady Mtns Agate 593  :  North West Cady mtns. produced the Psilomelene Agate.  The Metallic really set this off. #gallery Cady_Mtns_Agate_593

CAB 593

Cady Mtns Agate 594:  Another stone from the ledge of seam material.  Lots of clear to float in. #gallery Cady_Mtns_Agate_594

CAB 594

Cady Mtns Agate 595  :  South Central Cady Mtns. produced this Jasp Agate with small dendrites. #gallery Cady_Mtns_Agate_595

CAB 595

Cady Mtns Agate 596  :  Barite seemed to be a high constiuent of this agate. #gallery Cady_Mtns_Agate_596

CAB 596

Cady Mtns Agate 597  :  South Central Cady Agate. #gallery Cady_Mtns_Agate_597

CAB 597

Cady Mtns Agate 598  :  North Cady seam Agate cut horizontally to produce these flames. #gallery Cady_Mtns_Agate_598

CAB 598

Cady Mtns Agate 599  :  North Cady White Plume in Red Agate.  A  small stone but was playing with the patterns you get by cutting thru the plumes. #gallery Cady_Mtns_Agate_599

CAB 599

Cady Mtns Agate 600  :  Another South Cady Plume cut so that you are looking down on the plumes, very 3d. #gallery Cady_Mtns_Agate_600

CAB 600

Cady Mtns Agate 601  :  Another North Cady Sagenite Agate, those stripes are the needles. #gallery Cady_Mtns_Agate_601

CAB 601