Gem Dinosaur Bone. A delightful material to cut when it is of this quality. There are lots of variations in colors but some colors are more rare than others. Dino Bone can often be porous or fractured or have Calcite zones. This material I have been getting though is all of high quality.

Dino Bone 355  :  A Beautiful piece of I think vertebra with large cells, some Yellow and a high polish. #gallery Dinosaur_Bone_355

CAB 355

Dino Bone 356  :  A bright Red and Black high quality Din Bone cab for a ring. #gallery Dinosaur_Bone_356

CAB 356

Dino Bone 357  :  a color you don't see enough.  This Green and Red cab is striking. #gallery Dinosaur_Bone_357

CAB 357

Dino Bone 358  :  A huge cab of Black, Brown Red Orange and Yellow.  Sharp points both ends and a high polish. #gallery Dinosaur_Bone_358

CAB 358

Dino Bone 359  :  A long pendant drop with muted Reds and Golden Brown cells. #gallery Dinosaur_Bone_359

CAB 359

Dino Bone 360 :  A Dark Dino Bone can in the Dark Reds and Blacks, a long pendant drop shape #gallery Dinosaur_Bone_360

CAB 360

Dino Bone 361  :  Another translucent can with great color.  Left side top to bottom is a bevel to play on the curves.  A very nice cab and unusual cut. #gallery Dinosaur_Bone_361

CAB 361

Dino Bone 362  :  Looks like a devil's toenail.  This Dino Bone cab of Red and Brown. #gallery Dinosaur_Bone_362

CAB 362

Dino Bone 363  :  A very long large teardrop.  This is high quality bone and I just love the brightness of the Orange cells against the Yellow. #gallery Dinosaur_Bone_363

CAB 363

Dino Bone 364  :  Another highly colored Dino Bone cab.  Transitions from Orange to Yellow to Ochre to Red and Brown.  A large cab and a high polish. #gallery Dinosaur_Bone_364

CAB 364

Dino Bone 365  :  What a great quality Agate.  Very bright Red Agate Dino Bone with Black cells in a tight pattern. #gallery Dinosaur_Bone_365

CAB 365

Dino Bone 366  :  A lot of Iron in this cab, Yellows, Oranges, Reds, Browns.  A high poliish to finish it off. #gallery Dinosaur_Bone_366

CAB 366

Dino Bone 367  :  A highly silicated Red and Black Dino bone cab.  Ring or small pendant. #gallery Dinosaur_Bone_367

CAB 367

Dino Bone 368  :  A small square bone for a ring. #gallery Dinosaur_Bone_368

CAB 368

Dino Bone 369  :  We have a winner!  Wow , when Dave handed me this slab of Yellow and Red bone and said cut it part of me wanted to keep it whole and the other said what cabs it will make. #gallery Dinosaur_Bone_369

CAB 369

Dino Bone 370  :  A very Agatized cab.  Red Agate with brown cells hold it to the light and the cells look like spider webs floating in the Red Agate. #gallery Dinosaur_Bone_370

CAB 370

Dino Bone 371  :  A very nice color combination in Dino Bone.  This is high quality bone.  Pink, White and Black for a high contrast and colorful cab. #gallery Dinosaur_Bone_371

CAB 371

Dino Bone 372  :  A highly silicated Red and Black Dino bone cab.  Ring or small pendant. #gallery Dinosaur_Bone_372

CAB 372

Dino Bone 373  :  A traditional large teardrop.  Red Agate with contrasting white cells.  The more common color but highly agatized and great polish. #gallery Dinosaur_Bone_373

CAB 373

Dino Bone 374  :  A Solid Red geometric Dino bone cab. #gallery Dinosaur_Bone_374

CAB 374

Dino Bone 375  : Very Gemmy Bone and high polish.  Beautiful cut accentuates a very quality stone. #gallery Dinosaur_Bone_375

CAB 375

dino bone 376  : A very bright red in this bone with a lemon Yellow spot in center.  This material took a very high polish. #gallery Dinosaur_Bone_376

CAB 376

Dino bone 377  : You can see from the light reflection the quality of this long point.  A thick cab of high quality bone with large linear cells. #gallery Dinosaur_Bone_377

CAB 377

Dino Bone 378  : Red with Yellow, you just have to love the combo.  Very solid bone and great polish. #gallery Dinosaur_Bone_378

CAB 378

Dino Bone 379  : Another Red and Yellow cab and look at that polish with no bone undercuts.  Top notch material. #gallery Dinosaur_Bone_379

CAB 379

Dino Bone 380  : Wow, Purple, Red and Black! A sweet form and super polish with gemmy bone. #gallery Dinosaur_Bone_380

CAB 380

Dino Bone 381  : Green, Red and Black.  Don't see a lot of green in bones.  Great shape to hilight this cab. #gallery Dinosaur_Bone_381

CAB 381

Dino Bone 382  :  This is the more common of colors for gem dino bone but the quality is above average.  A large stone for a Hard wire necklace i think. #gallery Dinosaur_Bone_382

CAB 382

Dino Bone 383  : Reminds me of different colored autumn leaves with the multi shades of red on this cab.  A very pretty, very large cab. #gallery Dinosaur_Bone_383

CAB 383

Dino Bone 384  : Great cab of bone in a accentuated radius cut.  High polish finishes this stone off. #gallery Dinosaur_Bone_384

CAB 384

Dino Bone 385  : I only wish I had pounds of this color combo!  Striking is all I can say.  A collector stone. #gallery Dinosaur_Bone_385

CAB 385

Dino Bone 386  : More from the Red and Yellow slabs I got and another fantastic cab, #gallery Dinosaur_Bone_386

CAB 386

Dino Bone 387  :  Beautiful large cell with Autumn colors. #gallery Dinosaur_Bone_387

Cab 387

Dinosaur Bone 1278  :  Gemmy Dino bone anyone? #gallery Dinosaur_Bone_1278

CAB 1278

Dinosaur Bone 1505 : Nice Red Dino cab. #gallery Dinosaur_Bone_1505

CAB 1505

Dinosaur Bone 1506 : Gemmy Bone with contrasting light and dark Red cells.  A deep Radius cut. #gallery Dinosaur_Bone_1506

CAB 1506

Dinosaur Bone 1507 : More gem bone with a nice Marquise cut. #gallery Dinosaur_Bone_1507

CAB 1507

Dinosaur Bone 1508 : A std oval cab but with an Agate and Calcite Matrix.  Very tricky to cut to avoid undercutting. #gallery Dinosaur_Bone_1508

CAB 1508

Dinosaur Bone 1509 : A very gemmy Red Dino bone sheild. #gallery Dinosaur_Bone_1509

CAB 1509

Dinosaur Bone 1510 : A dark Red and Brown soft rectangle Dino Bone cab. #gallery Dinosaur_Bone_1510

CAB 1510

Dinosaur Bone 1511 : A dark Red and Brown soft rectangle Dino Bone cab. #gallery Dinosaur_Bone_1511

CAB 1511

Dinosaur Bone 1512 : Another Gemmy Red Gem Bone triangle #gallery Dinosaur_Bone_1512

CAB 1512

Dinosaur Bone 1513 : A great cab of large cells in Yellows and Oranges.  A definate keeper of a stone.  Great polish and no undercutting. #gallery Dinosaur_Bone_1513

CAB 1513

Dinosaur Bone 1514 : Classic Red and Black Gem Bone in a high quality material. Great polish. #gallery Dinosaur_Bone_1514

CAB 1514

Dinosaur Bone 1515 : A Ring stone of Brown with Whitish Blue cells.  High polish and no undercutting.  I love cutting this shape for men's rings. #gallery Dinosaur_Bone_1515

CAB 1515

Dinosaur Bone 1516 : A Ring stone of deep Red Large cells.  High polish and no undercutting.  I love cutting this shape for men's rings. #gallery Dinosaur_Bone_1516

CAB 1516

Dinosaur Bone 1517 : Red Orange and Yellows with semi large cells in a badge shape. #gallery Dinosaur_Bone_1517

CAB 1517

Dinosaur Bone 1518 : Freeform triangle of gemmy Red Dino Bone. #gallery Dinosaur_Bone_1518

CAB 1518

Dino Bone 1898 : I just love the Black and Yellow combo in Dino Bone. A nice sweep cut, glossy and a beutiful polish. #gallery Dinosaur_Bone_1898

CAB 1898

Dino Bone 1899 :  A beautiful broad badge in top quality Dino Bone.  Very bright reds and blacks. #gallery Dinosaur_Bone_1899

CAB 1899