Dryhead Agate! One of the most colorful Agates in the U.S. A great Fortification Agate from the Bighorn area of Montana. A friend owned the mine years back and he told me how frustrating the material was. Agate seam circling a nodule and cut a mudball. Cut a mudball and find complete patterns. You never know but when you get a good one WOW! I cut a 5 inch nodule with no clues and got slices with every color, an Amethyst center and Iron needle sprays off the Amethyst. It is also a pleasure to cut with it's mirror finish. Only downfall to Dryhead is that all the surface material gets destroyed by fractures from winter freezes.

Dryhead Agate 421  :  A more traditional Rounded teardrop cut with elegant pastels. #gallery Dryhead_Agate_421

CAB 421

Dryhead Agate 422  :  The pattern called the shots on this cab.  Nicely framed with the Orange then whites and Grays.  A very nice stone. #gallery Dryhead_Agate_422

CAB 422

Dryhead Agate 423  :  A really great badge shape and the entire gamut of colors in a mirror polish. #gallery Dryhead_Agate_423

CAB 423

Dryhead Agate 424  :  This cab I need to acid out that Calcite to show the druzy. #gallery Dryhead_Agate_424

CAB 424

Dryhead Agate 425  : really great color combo on this stone.  Especially with the Pink touch at the top. #gallery Dryhead_Agate_425

CAB 425

Dryhead Agate 426  :  Fantastic cut and colors!  Very vivid Yellows and pastel Oranges.  This is a one of a kind stone. #gallery Dryhead_Agate_426

CAB 426

Dryhead Agate 427  :  Some unusual colors in this stone being off Yellows.  A great stone for a striking pendant #gallery Dryhead_Agate_427

CAB 427

Dryhead Agate 428  :  A great bar cut here with pastels Whites to Pinks. #gallery Dryhead_Agate_428

CAB 428

Dryhead Agate 429  :  Another stone with the Grays.  Wonderful pattern. #gallery Dryhead_Agate_429

CAB 429

Dryhead Agate 430  :  Very nice Pink shades in the Geometric stone.  Gotta love dryhead! #gallery Dryhead_Agate_430

CAB 430

Dryhead Agate 431  :  I haven't cut too many Dryheads with the Grays.  A very pleasing pattern in this stone. #gallery Dryhead_Agate_431

CAB 431

Dryhead Agate 432  :  A small ring stone in Oranges.  What a ring this will make. #gallery Dryhead_Agate_432

CAB 432

Dryhead Agate 433  :  Pretty pastel colors all the way from Orange to White and Cream. #gallery Dryhead_Agate_433

CAB 433

Dryhead Agate 434  :  Bright Organes with an intriguing White pattern that sets off the stone. #gallery Dryhead_Agate_434

CAB 434

Dryhead Agate 435  :  A bright pendant stone with a nicely contrasting Chocolate matrix base #gallery Dryhead_Agate_435

CAB 435

Dryhead Agate 436  :  This stone features some of the harder to find Yellows and a natural Smoky Quartz cap. #gallery Dryhead_Agate_436

CAB 436

Dryhead Agate 437  :  Great patterns and colors in this Dryhead geode.  I cut it to leave the druzy at the top. #gallery Dryhead_Agate_437

CAB 437

Dryhead Agate 438  :  Fantastic color changes in this one.  Solid crystal center, Pinks Whites, Oranges alternating.  Very striking. #gallery Dryhead_Agate_438

CAB 438

Dryhead Agate 439  :  A gemmy stone that has great bands and detail but stays primarily in the Oranges.  A great stone fro a pendant. #gallery Dryhead_Agate_439

CAB 439

Dryhead Agate 1709 : Deep Orange to Browns in this Dryhead Rectangle.  Mirror finish. #gallery Dryhead_Agate_1709

CAB 1709

Dryhead Agate 1710 : A Dryhead cab with Matrix and a nice crystal vug in the center. #gallery Dryhead_Agate_1710

CAB 1710

Dryhead Agate 1711 : A great cab of Dryhead with the Whites and Greys. Mirror finish. #gallery Dryhead_Agate_1711

CAB 1711

Dryhead Agate 1712 : A triangle of Dryhead with colors from Orange to Pinks, Greys Quartz and Whites, quite the spectrum. #gallery Dryhead_Agate_1712

CAB 1712

Dryhead Agate 1713 : Love the greys in Dryhead but not very common. Orange, White, Pink and Greys. #gallery Dryhead_Agate_1713

CAB 1713

Dryhead Agate 1714 : Love the greys in Dryhead but not very common. Orange, White, Pink and Greys. #gallery Dryhead_Agate_1714

CAB 1714

Dryhead Agate 1715 : Elongated Tear drop in the more std colors for Dryhead. #gallery Dryhead_Agate_1715

CAB 1715

Dryhead Agate 1716 : It's a Dryhead but so much pattern that it almost starts looking like a Tepee Agate. #gallery Dryhead_Agate_1716

CAB 1716

Dryhead Agate 1717 : Great pattern in this  Barrel cut in classic Dryhead colors. #gallery Dryhead_Agate_1717

CAB 1717

Dryhead Agate 2088 : A natural Crystal topped beauty. Very rich colors and gloss finish. #gallery Dryhead_Agate_2088

CAB 2088

Dryhead Agate 2124  :  A large ring stone in Oranges.  What a ring this will make. Beutiful crisp lines. #gallery DSCN7795

CAB 2124