Self collected Agate from the world famous Horse Canyon Agate beds of Tehachapi, CA. Closed twice in the 60's. I was able to collect here intermittently in the 90's. We had it open to clubs for a short while in the early 2k's and then it was closed again due to trespassing and fence cutting. What a waste thanks to some morons out there. This location was one of my favorite collecting areas! I was granted a couple final trips before the land was sold for development. Fortunately I have several hundred lbs. of top cutting material.

Horse Canyon Agate 736  :  Clear Agate with White Opal bands is the most common material there.  The prizes are the pieces with dendrites.  This one also has a druzy pocket. #gallery Horse_Canyon_Agate_736

CAB 736

Horse Canyon Agate 752  :  Delicate tubes with different color moss centers around this cab. #gallery Horse_Canyon_Agate_752

CAB 752

Horse Canyon Agate 757  :  A clear Agate with White Moss running throughout and one nice solid Opal band running across. #gallery Horse_Canyon_Agate_757

CAB 757

Horse Canyon Dendritic Agate 756  :  A Milky Agate with a solid Opal band and several translucent bands and dendrites floating throughout. #gallery Horse_Canyon_Dendritic_Agate_756

CAB 756

Horse Canyon Dendritic Agate 761  :  A small cab of Milky Agate with a beautiful dendrite spray in the base. #gallery Horse_Canyon_Dendritic_Agate_761

CAB 761

Horse Canyon Marcasite Agate 762  : This looks Black and White in the photo but not that simple.  It is Black and White Plumes.  The Black Plumes are Marcasite that shimmers in all colors of the rainbow. #gallery Horse_Canyon_Marcasite_Agate_762

CAB 762

Horse Canyon Moss Agate 730  :  Dark Green Moss floating in a beautiful Milky Agate. #gallery Horse_Canyon_Moss_Agate_730

CAB 730

Horse Canyon Moss Agate 731  :  A gemmy beauty.  Translucent tube with various shades of Green and Orange moss centers. #gallery Horse_Canyon_Moss_Agate_731

CAB 731

Horse Canyon Moss Agate 732  :  Another of the Moss against the Milky background.  Very showy material with no undercutting on the moss. #gallery Horse_Canyon_Moss_Agate_732

CAB 732

Horse Canyon Moss Agate 733  :  So much depth in this stone.  The 3D nature of the delicate White tubes with Green Moss makes this a standout. #gallery Horse_Canyon_Moss_Agate_733

CAB 733

Horse Canyon Moss Agate 734  :  A darker green Moss with bluish Agate fillings. #gallery Horse_Canyon_Moss_Agate_734

CAB 734

Horse Canyon Moss Agate 738  :  The Black Agate often had green moss and came from the Red clay area in the canyon.  We found some large pieces of this.  Very showy. #gallery Horse_Canyon_Moss_Agate_738

CAB 738

Horse Canyon Moss Agate 744  :  a bola cab shape with the classic Horse Canyon Green Moss and Blue Agate fills. #gallery Horse_Canyon_Moss_Agate_744

CAB 744

Horse Canyon Moss Agate 746  :  Another excellent example of the Black Agate with Green Moss in the large traditional cut. #gallery Horse_Canyon_Moss_Agate_746

CAB 746

Horse Canyon Moss Agate 747  :  Moss center with think White Opal bands at the base and an amber Agate at the top on the ellongated Bola cab. #gallery Horse_Canyon_Moss_Agate_747

CAB 747

Horse Canyon Moss Agate 748  :  Light and dark Moss with a bright White Agate fill at the top.  Very nice traditional cab. #gallery Horse_Canyon_Moss_Agate_748

CAB 748

Horse Canyon Moss Agate 749  :  White clouds coming over the reddish trees and the green hills in this pretty traditional teardrop. #gallery Horse_Canyon_Moss_Agate_749

CAB 749

Horse Canyon Moss Agate 750  :  A traditional teardrop cab with Green Moss and Opal fillings in all the pockets.  Looks like an intricate Easter Egg. #gallery Horse_Canyon_Moss_Agate_750

CAB 750

Horse Canyon Moss Agate 751  :  A lot of Opal in this cab which accounts for the Opaline fractures interior to this cab.  Nice snakelike stringer of White Opal and Green moss. #gallery Horse_Canyon_Moss_Agate_751

CAB 751

Horse Canyon Moss Agate 753  :  A bit more of the classic Moss Agate in this traditional cab with a darker Agate base. #gallery Horse_Canyon_Moss_Agate_753

CAB 753

Horse Canyon Moss Agate 754  :  Light Green Moss running thru these Carmel colored tubes all around this traditional cab. #gallery Horse_Canyon_Moss_Agate_754

CAB 754

Horse Canyon Moss Agate 755  :  Translucent Green and White tubes run up to the waterline in theis cab ending in a White Opal spot.  Very classic. #gallery Horse_Canyon_Moss_Agate_755

CAB 755

Horse Canyon Moss Agate 763  :  A beautiful cab of dark Green Moss with contrasting milky fillings around the moss. #gallery Horse_Canyon_Moss_Agate_763

CAB 763

Horse Canyon Moss Agate 764  :  A beautiful Moss Agate cab.  A milky swirl to one side that looks like it should Iris with a small druzy pocket in the center #gallery Horse_Canyon_Moss_Agate_764

CAB 764

Horse Canyon Moss Agate 765  :  White Opal waterline top with a clear layer and then a moss bottom. #gallery Horse_Canyon_Moss_Agate_765

CAB 765

Horse Canyon Moss Agate 766  :  Looks like it is snowing on these pine tree branches.  Like a snow globe!  What a pretty cab. #gallery Horse_Canyon_Moss_Agate_766

CAB 766

Horse Canyon Moss Agate 767  :  A large traditional with the moss and tubes in a nice translucent Agate. #gallery Horse_Canyon_Moss_Agate_767

CAB 767

Horse Canyon Moss Agate 768  :  Green moss tubes coming from both sides to a White Opal waterline down the center. #gallery Horse_Canyon_Moss_Agate_768

CAB 768

Horse Canyon MossAgate 769  :  A showy Green Moss Tube in a milky Agate #gallery Horse_Canyon_MossAgate_769

CAB 769

Horse Canyon Plume Agate 770   :   Horse Canyon Plume Agate with Gold and Green Plume and White Opal layers. #gallery Horse_Canyon_Plume_Agate_770

CAB 770

Horse Canyon Plume Agate 771  :  A wonderful Black and White Agate cab with Black Plumes hidden in the Black Agate. #gallery Horse_Canyon_Plume_Agate_771

CAB 771

Horse Canyon Plume Agate 772  :  Clear and Black Plume Agate with a White Opal center #gallery Horse_Canyon_Plume_Agate_772

CAB 772

Horse Canyon Plume Agate 773  :  Clear and Black Agate with plumes and Waterline. #gallery Horse_Canyon_Plume_Agate_773

CAB 773

Horse Canyon Plume Agate 774  :  Large Plume stringers in Agate with a Druzy Pocket in center #gallery Horse_Canyon_Plume_Agate_774

CAB 774

Horse Canyon Plume Agate 775  :  Beautiful high dome cab with plumes rising up thru the clear Agate like a kelp forest. #gallery Horse_Canyon_Plume_Agate_775

CAB 775

Horse Canyon Plume Agate 776  :  Black frames these Creme and White Plumes around a milky filling.  A very nice cab for a pendant. #gallery Horse_Canyon_Plume_Agate_776

CAB 776

Horse Canyon Plume Agate 777  :  An area in the North of the canyon hosted this milky Agate with White Plumes.  Still on BLM land this spot is still collectible. #gallery Horse_Canyon_Plume_Agate_777

CAB 777

Horse Canyon Plume Agate 778  :  Reddish Golden Plumes surround the White center with some moss in the bottom right.  A pocket center bottom where moss should be. #gallery Horse_Canyon_Plume_Agate_778

CAB 778

Horse Canyon Plume Agate 779  :  Golden Plumes with White centers highlight this Bola shape of translucent milky Agate. #gallery Horse_Canyon_Plume_Agate_779

CAB 779

Horse Canyon Plume Agate 780  :  A special cab with so much Plume and pattern that I just had to dome both sides.  A special 3d piece. #gallery Horse_Canyon_Plume_Agate_780

CAB 780

Horse Canyon Plume Agate 781  :  A small ring stone or even a pendant.  The golden Agate sets off these perfect Green Plumes. #gallery Horse_Canyon_Plume_Agate_781

CAB 781

Horse Canyon Plume Agate 782  :  Light Green Plumes in this Black Agate (common color combo at Horse Canyon) #gallery Horse_Canyon_Plume_Agate_782

CAB 782

Horse Canyon Plume Agate 783  :  Light Green Plumes in this Black Agate (common color combo at Horse Canyon) #gallery Horse_Canyon_Plume_Agate_783

CAB 783

Horse Canyon Plume Agate 784  :  A large traditional cab with fantastic Moss and Plumes.  This is a perfect cab and definately a collectors piece. #gallery Horse_Canyon_Plume_Agate_784

CAB 784

Horse Canyon Plume Agate 785  :  Luckily this cab was from a large piece of rough I dug up that gave me quite a few slabs.  Plumes on both sides of the White floater pocket.  What a cab! #gallery Horse_Canyon_Plume_Agate_785

CAB 785

Horse Canyon Plume Agate 786  :  A Great Black and Gold Plume Agate cab.  This was from one of my first trips into the site. #gallery Horse_Canyon_Plume_Agate_786

CAB 786

Horse Canyon Tube Agate 760 #gallery Horse_Canyon_Tube_Agate_760

CAB 760

Horse Canyon Tube Agate 787  :  Clear Agate with White Opal tubes and filiment moss centers. #gallery Horse_Canyon_Tube_Agate_787

CAB 787

Horse Canyon Tube Agate 788  :  A slender cab of Carmel and White filiment tube moss. #gallery Horse_Canyon_Tube_Agate_788

CAB 788

Horse Canyon Tube Agate 789  :  Beautiful straight White Opal tubes with Moss centers. #gallery Horse_Canyon_Tube_Agate_789

CAB 789