Only a few miles from my house is Kanan Rd. that winds thru the Santa Monica Mountains to the ocean. I have found White Plume Agate 10 feet from the road several inches thick, Marcasite Agate 6" thick only a couple feet from the road and Sagenite Agate in the hillsides. Some of the plume has full angel wings standing proud of the agate making unbelievable specimens.

Kanan Agate 440  :  #gallery Kanan_Agate_440

CAB 440

Kanan Agate 441  :  #gallery Kanan_Agate_441

CAB 441

Kanan Agate 442 :  #gallery Kanan_Agate_442

CAB 442

Kanan Agate 443  :  #gallery Kanan_Agate_443

CAB 443

Kanan Agate 444  : #gallery Kanan_Agate_444

CAB 444

Kanan Agate 445  :  Delicate Sagenite sprays off these orbs. #gallery Kanan_Agate_445

CAB 445

Kanan Rd Plume Agate 1875 : I plulled out a couple hundred pounds of the plume on Kanan rd. but still haven't cut much. #gallery Kanan_Rd_Plume_Agate_1875

CAB 1875

Kanan Rd Sagenite Agate 1815 : Great long ellipse of some Kanan Sagenite we found hiking the hillside. Area would be better with no ticks. #gallery Kanan_Rd_Sagenite_Agate_1815

CAB 1815