Laguna Agate is probably the best known Mexican Agate. It's colors and patterns are hard to compete with from any other locale in the world. Collector's specimens can sell for thousands of dollars. Many pieces have fractures which makes clean nodules very valuable. These for the most part are stones that I have cut on shares, a few I purchased the rough. Enjoy looking thru these exciting cabs.

Laguna Agate 4  :  Shadow, color, pattern, finish, what the heack doesn't this just drop dead cab have.  A truely remarkable Laguna.  It's sister is a few pictures away and just as pretty. #gallery Laguna_Agate_4


Laguna Agate 8  :    Shadow, color, pattern, finish, what the heack doesn't this just drop dead cab have.  A truely remarkable Laguna.  It's sister is a few pictures away and just as pretty. #gallery Laguna_Agate_8


Laguna Agate 14  :  The Tan colors don't seem common and add in the Red's.  Almost 2 seperate fortifications going on here.  This stone is full pattern and no flaws.  A specimen of beauty. #gallery Laguna_Agate_14

CAB 14

Laguna Agate 19  :  description #gallery Laguna_Agate_19

CAB 19

Laguna Agate 26  :  description #gallery Laguna_Agate_26

CAB 26

Laguna Agate 24  :  description #gallery Laguna_Agate_24

CAB 24

Laguna Agate 47  :  description #gallery Laguna_Agate_47

CAB 47

Laguna Agate 28  :  description #gallery Laguna_Agate_28

CAB 28

Laguna Agate 10  :  The Yellow in this stone is intense shadow agate.  A very colorful and gemmy cab. #gallery Laguna_Agate_10

CAB 10

Laguna Agate 5  :  The Gold orbs coming up thru the Clear really made cutting this stone enjoyable.  It has a great pattern and contrast and vibrant colors.  Another top Laguna cab. #gallery Laguna_Agate_5


Laguna Agate 7  :  What great colors.  I wanted to keep the visual of that stringer leading to the top of the stone and that small Red pocket in the cutting.  Framed by those pink fluffs this stone turned out just perfect. #gallery Laguna_Agate_7


Laguna Agate 15  :  The sister from one of the previous cabs.  This one lost the Reds but kept slugging with these bright Lemon Yellow and Orange bands framed by the Pink fluffies.  Another keeper. #gallery Laguna_Agate_15

CAB 15

Laguna Agate 43  :  description #gallery Laguna_Agate_43

CAB 43

Laguna Agate 48  :  Framing that center fortification was easy in this great cab. #gallery Laguna_Agate_48

CAB 48

Laguna Agate 44  :  description #gallery Laguna_Agate_44

CAB 44

Laguna Agate 35  :  description #gallery Laguna_Agate_35

CAB 35

Laguna Agate 41  :  description #gallery Laguna_Agate_41

CAB 41

Laguna Agate 40  :  description #gallery Laguna_Agate_40

CAB 40

Laguna Agate 50  :  An unusual color combo from the Lagunas I have been fortunate enough to cut.  The bright colors framed in the darker bands make this an exciting stone. #gallery Laguna_Agate_50

CAB 50

Laguna Agate 2  :  A pretty color combo in another small Laguna. #gallery Laguna_Agate_2


Laguna Agate 21  :  description #gallery Laguna_Agate_21

CAB 21

Laguna Agate 32  :  description #gallery Laguna_Agate_32

CAB 32

Laguna Agate 16  :  I purchased a small barrel of broken pieces from Gene of the Agate Gallery and of course most is lower grade but there are a few keepers in the mix. #gallery Laguna_Agate_16

CAB 16

Laguna Agate 31  :  description #gallery Laguna_Agate_31

CAB 31

Laguna Agate 42  :  description #gallery Laguna_Agate_42

CAB 42

Laguna Agate 25  :  description #gallery Laguna_Agate_25

CAB 25

Laguna Agate 45  :  description #gallery Laguna_Agate_45

CAB 45

Laguna Agate 37  :  description #gallery Laguna_Agate_37

CAB 37

Laguna Agate 49  :  What amazing depth and translucency in these vibrant color bands.  An extremely gemmy stone. #gallery Laguna_Agate_49

CAB 49

Laguna Agate 30  :  description #gallery Laguna_Agate_30

CAB 30

Laguna Agate 20  :  description #gallery Laguna_Agate_20

CAB 20

Laguna Agate 3  :  A small stone I cut from some rough I bought from the Gem Shoppe.  Gene was getting rid of a small barrel of lower grade Lagunas with a couple of keepers mixed in. #gallery Laguna_Agate_3


Laguna Agate 1  :  Even very small cabs of Laguna make pretty stones. #gallery Laguna_Agate_1


Laguna Agate 23  :  description #gallery Laguna_Agate_23

CAB 23

Laguna Agate 17  :  description #gallery Laguna_Agate_17

CAB 17

Laguna Agate 12  :  Floating in gemmy Agate this White fortification is perfect. #gallery Laguna_Agate_12

CAB 12

Laguna Agate 6  :  Another small stone from the barrel from Gem Shoppe.  A nice little floater in the middle #gallery Laguna_Agate_6


Laguna Agate 38  :  description #gallery Laguna_Agate_38

CAB 38

Laguna Agate 27  :  description #gallery Laguna_Agate_27

CAB 27

Laguna Agate 11  :  Again a floater in gemmy clear this multi colored pastel beauty has a fantastic shadow effect. #gallery Laguna_Agate_11

CAB 11

Laguna Agate 34  :  description #gallery Laguna_Agate_34

CAB 34

Laguna Agate 29  :  description #gallery Laguna_Agate_29

CAB 29

Laguna Agate 36  :  description #gallery Laguna_Agate_36

CAB 36

Laguna Agate 18  :  description #gallery Laguna_Agate_18

CAB 18

Laguna Agate 39  :  description #gallery Laguna_Agate_39

CAB 39

Laguna Agate 46  :  description #gallery Laguna_Agate_46

CAB 46

Laguna Agate 22  :  description #gallery Laguna_Agate_22

CAB 22

Laguna Agate 9  :  Like I said even the really small pieces of Laguna can be gems. #gallery Laguna_Agate_9


Laguna Agate 13  :  Another gemmy small cab with bright colors. #gallery Laguna_Agate_13-a

CAB 13

Laguna Agate 33  :  description #gallery Laguna_Agate_33

CAB 33