Laguna Agate is probably the best known Mexican Agate. It's colors and patterns are hard to compete with from any other locale in the world. Collector's specimens can sell for thousands of dollars. Many pieces have fractures which makes clean nodules very valuable. These for the most part are stones that I have cut on shares, a few I purchased the rough. Enjoy looking thru these exciting cabs.

Laguna Agate 1481 : Long badge of top notch Laguna Agate with some great Autumn colors and a mirror polish. #gallery Laguna_Agate_1481

CAB 1481

Laguna Agate 1482 : A translucent very large cab of great colored Laguna. #gallery Laguna_Agate_1482

CAB 1482

Laguna Agate 1884 : This slab had such great color banding!  A small Quartz center playing peek-a-boo.  Very pretty. #gallery Laguna_Agate_1884

CAB 1884

Laguna Agate 1484 : Crisp lines and pastel colors highlight this Laguna. #gallery Laguna_Agate_1484

CAB 1484

Laguna Agate 1485 : a lovely Laguna Shadow Agate (shadow=bands so close light is trapped giving hologram effect when stone is turned.) #gallery Laguna_Agate_1485

CAB 1485

Laguna Agate 1486 : A triangle of nice bright bands in this Laguna. #gallery Laguna_Agate_1486

CAB 1486

Laguna Agate 1487 : Love the Orange to Red tight bands in this stone by cutting only outter bands of larger slab. A high dome Bar cut. #gallery Laguna_Agate_1487

CAB 1487

Laguna Agate 1488 : Gem little button of Pastel Laguna with a lacy pattern. #gallery Laguna_Agate_1488

CAB 1488

Laguna Agate 1489 : A large wide tear of Laguna that allowed me to keep the Orange outter bands. #gallery Laguna_Agate_1489

CAB 1489

Laguna Agate 1490 : Another gemmy button with tight bands of Laguna. #gallery Laguna_Agate_1490

CAB 1490

Laguna Agate 1491 : Wow what an Orange! patterns worked perfect in this Laguna cut. #gallery Laguna_Agate_1491

CAB 1491

Laguna Agate 1492 : That Red in center is like blood and shadow in the outter bands. High polish completes this stone just waiting for a necklace. #gallery Laguna_Agate_1492

CAB 1492

Laguna Agate 1493 : The Orange in this stone reminds me of 50/50 bars. A pretty Laguna. #gallery Laguna_Agate_1493

CAB 1493

Laguna Agate 1494 : Okay an acorn shape cut just rocks this Laguna Shadow Agate. #gallery Laguna_Agate_1494

CAB 1494

Laguna Agate 1495 : Pretty Lavendar Laguna freeform in a gemmy cab. #gallery Laguna_Agate_1495

CAB 1495

Laguna Agate 1496 : Another of the tight banded Laguna Red to Orange cabs. A high dome bar here. #gallery Laguna_Agate_1496

CAN 1496

Laguna Agate 1497 : A shallow cab of Laguna and a lot going on in this stone. #gallery Laguna_Agate_1497

CAB 1497

Laguna Agate 1498 : Can they get much more perfect? The Orange and Gold in this Laguna just makes me smile. #gallery Laguna_Agate_1498

CAB 1498

Laguna Agate 1499 No imperfections in this Laguna Yellow banded with a small crystal center. Mirror polish like most #gallery Laguna_Agate_1499

CAB 1499

Laguna Agate 1500 : A deep Red sets off this Gold Moss Laguna cab. #gallery Laguna_Agate_1500

CAB 1500

Laguna Agate 1501 : The Yellow contrasts so well with the darker Orange in this Laguna. #gallery Laguna_Agate_1501

CAB 1501

Laguna Agate 1502 : A thin cab of beautiful Laguna. Like Thanksgiving - leftovers can be tasty #gallery Laguna_Agate_1502

CAB 1502

Laguna Agate 1503 : A darker Laguna #gallery Laguna_Agate_1503

CAB 1503

Laguna Agate 1504 : A tall cab With some bright banding. Inset photo to show height. #gallery Laguna_Agate_1504

CAB 1504

Laguna Agate 72  :  I love this cab.  It is very large and has intense colors and a very deep shadow effect.  Truly a stunning cab. #gallery Laguna_Agate_72

CAB 72

Laguna Agate 1882 :  A fairly large cab with great patterns and a nice druzy center.  A Glossy finish. #gallery Laguna_Agate_1882

CAB 1882

Laguna Agate 62  :  I had 2 slabs of this stone and both made exceptional cabs.  Gemmy and a great shadow effect like many of the Lagunas. #gallery Laguna_Agate_62

CAB 62

Laguna Agate 1483 : I cut this stone to follow the bands.  The colors are perfect  and love the clear center band. #gallery Laguna_Agate_1483

CAB 1483

Laguna Agate 1883 :  I just love the Purple and Yellow in this stone.  This stone shape works great either this way or flipped vertically. A very clean cut and stone. #gallery Laguna_Agate_1883

CAB 1883

Laguna Agate 71  :  A gemmy beauty with a wide change of colors and a  high gloss finish. #gallery Laguna_Agate_71

CAB 71

Laguna Agate 56  :  This was a narrow section off a slab.  That pattern, contrast and color just yelled save me and it has been reborn. #gallery Laguna_Agate_56

CAB 56

Laguna Agate 59  :  What can I say?  This slab was small with a fracture coming from left and right directly towards that Red center.  The best way to salvage the cab out of that slab also made a holy cow cab.  What a beauty. #gallery Laguna_Agate_59

CAB 59

Laguna Agate 61  :  Pink and Red's and a nice Floater in the middle. #gallery Laguna_Agate_61

CAB 61

Laguna Agate 52  :  A very large cab of Laguna Agate.  Such pleasing bands and color combos like a big pink flame. #gallery Laguna_Agate_52

CAB 52

Laguna Agate 73  :  A rather large cab running mostly in pastel colors but what a great range and with the Dark Red against the pastel Yellow really draws you into this cab. #gallery Laguna_Agate_73

CAB 73

Laguna Agate 63  :  Multi color and gemmy bands in yet another nice Laguna.  Only problem in this one is the healed fracture at top that obviously trapped some Iron. #gallery Laguna_Agate_63

CAB 63

Laguna Agate 53  :  Talk about some gemmy material from a classic location.  The tight bands and color shifts and such a large cab. #gallery Laguna_Agate_53

CAB 53

Laguna Agate 54  :  Another gemmy cab from a classic location.  The tight bands and color shifts and such a large cab. #gallery Laguna_Agate_54

CAB 54

Laguna Agate 55  :  There are no slackers in Laguna Agate.  Even the small cabs are striking. #gallery Laguna_Agate_55

CAB 55

Laguna Agate 65  :  Another gemmy cab from a classic location.  The tight bands and great color changes. #gallery Laguna_Agate_65

CAB 65

Laguna Agate 64  :  An unusual cut for me.  It plays well with the Yellow and pinks. #gallery Laguna_Agate_64

CAB 64

Laguna Agate 70  :  Laguna is expensive and Laguna Plume is rare.  This is a fantastic cab of Multi-colored Plume from Laguna. #gallery Laguna_Agate_70

CAB 70

Laguna Agate 57  :  Again a small cab of Laguna but colors and quality make almost any Laguna a keeper. #gallery Laguna_Agate_57

CAB 57

Laguna Agate 51  :  A beautiful color combi and striking pattern. #gallery Laguna_Agate_51

CAB 51

Laguna Agate 60  :  A small gemmy pink cab with very tight bands. #gallery Laguna_Agate_60

CAB 60

Laguna Agate 58  :  Another small fragment of a broken slab that now has new life waiting for a pendant. #gallery Laguna_Agate_58

CAB 58

Laguna Agate 74  :  Another cab from the same piece as 72.  Wonderful colors and shadows.  The fracture is naturally healed but I am torn between keeping the full pattern and re-cutting this stone to remove the dark line.  Either way it is gorgeous. #gallery Laguna_Agate_74

CAB 74

Laguna Agate 75  :  Almost a Plum color with these Yellow centers in a very galssy stone.  Lagunas are amazing in quality. #gallery Laguna_Agate_75

CAB 75

Laguna Agate 68  :  It is hard to capture a shadow effect in a picture.  Shadow is when alternating bands are so close together that when the eye or stone is moved it looks like a hologram as the band shadows move.  This is one of the best. #gallery Laguna_Agate_68

CAB 68

Laguna Agate 69  :  A huge Laguna!  One of 2 that I cut on such a large scale, dealer got one and I kept this one.  This one also exhibits great shadow effects.  A spectacular piece for it's size color and shadow from such a famous location. #gallery Laguna_Agate_69-a

CAB 69