Wonderful Malachite from Africa. The beauty of Malachite is evident in it's use throughout history as a decorative material in both items of art and architecture. Malachite is very messy to cut but it does make some amazing stones.

Malachite 459  :  A simple rectangle cut with Beveled sides.  A chatoyant center band. #gallery Malachite_459

CAB 459

Malachite 460  :  A great little cut of Malachite with a chatoyant center band. #gallery Malachite_460

CAB 460

Malachite 461 : Very nice banded Malachite with a radius top. #gallery Malachite_461

CAB 461

Malachite 1657 : Perfect polish on this very pretty Malachite oval. #gallery Malachite_1657

CAB 1657

Malachite 1658 : I love the flowers in Malachite but they always tend to be small surrounded by cavities, still cuts a nice stone. #gallery Malachite_1658

CAB 1658

Malachite 1659 : The botryoidal Malachite sure makes for nice patterns.  A nice glossy finish on this round. #gallery Malachite_1659

CAB 1659

Malachite 1660 : This round is cut more froma seam Malachite but with some great bands. #gallery Malachite_1660

CAB 1660

Malachite 1661 : A small oval for a ring of Malachite. #gallery Malachite_1661

CAB 1661

Malachite 1662 : A small bar of banded Malachite. #gallery Malachite_1662

CAB 1662

Malachite 1662 : A small rectangle of banded Malachite. #gallery Malachite_1663

CAB 1663

Malachite 1664 : more of the flower type Malachite including the voids always in this material. #gallery Malachite_1664

CAB 1664

Malachite 1665 : A small bar of banded Malachite. #gallery Malachite_1665

CAB 1665

Malachite 1666 : a small ring cab of Malachite. #gallery Malachite_1666

CAB 1666

Malachite 2110 : A beautiful Oval of Chatoyant Malachite. #gallery Malachite_2110

CAB 2110

Malachite 2111 : A dark gemmy piece from the top edge of the Malachite plumes. A small ring stone or accent stone. #gallery Malachite_2111

CAB 2111

Malachite 2112 : A nice cut of quailty banded Malachite. #gallery Malachite_2112

CAB 2112

Malachite Azurite 1668 : A very pretty combo of Azurite and Malachite. #gallery Malachite_Azurite_1668

CAB 1668

Malachite Chrysocolla Plume 1667 : I found one small tumbed piece of this Plume Malachite and what stunning stones it cuts!!!! #gallery Malachite_Chrysocolla_Plume_1667

CAB 1667