These are from the Singleton Ranch South of Marfa, Texas. The Singleton has a wide variety of Plume Agates whose colors go across the spectrum. The prized are the colored Bouquet Agates whoever the Black Plumes from the ranch are no slouches as you see.

Singleton Bouquet Agate 1574 : Isn't this just the prettiest little Bouquet button?  I love this small little cab and would make a lovely necklace. #gallery Singleton_Bouquet_Agate_1574

CAB 1574

Singleton Bouquet Agate 1575 : What a bright Bouquet in this freeform cab of Singleton Plume #gallery Singleton_Bouquet_Agate_1575

CAB 1575

Singleton Bouquet Agate 1576 : Understated Bouquet in this Ellipse cab. #gallery Singleton_Bouquet_Agate_1576

CAB 1576

Singleton Bouquet Agate 1577 : Any more Bouquet in this cab and you might have to call it a jasper (Lol) #gallery Singleton_Bouquet_Agate_1577

CAN 1577

Singleton Bouquet Agate 1578 :  Red plumes on White in a clear matrix fills out this beautiful Bouquet badge cab. #gallery Singleton_Bouquet_Agate_1578

CAB 1578

Singleton Bouquet Agate 1579 : Another cab from the Mesa on Singleton with some nice rich Browns. #gallery Singleton_Bouquet_Agate_1579

CAB 1579

Singleton Bouquet Agate 1580 : A pretty teardrop of Bouquet with a small druzy center. #gallery Singleton_Bouquet_Agate_1580

CAB 1580

Singleton Bouquet Agate 1581 A very large collectors cab of multicolored Bouquet from the Singleton Ranch. #gallery Singleton_Bouquet_Agate_1581

CAB 1581

Singleton Bouquet Agate 1582 :  A Red Bouquet on a Black Agate cab from the Mesa on Singleton. #gallery Singleton_Bouquet_Agate_1582

CAB 1582

Singleton Bouquet Agate 1583 :  A Black, Gray and Yellow Bouquet and a large teardrop. #gallery Singleton_Bouquet_Agate_1583

CAB 1583

Singleton Bouquet Agate 1584 : How's this for some Golden Plume Bouquet. #gallery Singleton_Bouquet_Agate_1584

CAB 1584

Singleton Bouquet Agate 1585 : Good sized cab of bright colored Bouquet plume. #gallery Singleton_Bouquet_Agate_1585

CAB 1585

Singleton Bouquet Agate 1586 : A wonderful cab of creme plumes in this Bouquet from the Singleton. #gallery Singleton_Bouquet_Agate_1586

CAB 1586

Singleton Bouquet Agate 1587 : Another cab of the material my friend called junk. When I cut a stone of this for his wife. #gallery Singleton_Bouquet_Agate_1587

CAB 1587

Singleton Bouquet Agate 1588 : Sweet cab in Pinks and Reds.  Every stone should be like this but few are. #gallery Singleton_Bouquet_Agate_1588

CAB 1588

Singleton Bouquet Agate 1589 : Just a little of the Bouquet left in this cab of majority Black Plume. #gallery Singleton_Bouquet_Agate_1589

CAB 1589

Singleton Bouquet Agate 1590 : A variety of plumes on the Black agate background. #gallery Singleton_Bouquet_Agate_1590

CAB 1590

Singleton Bouquet Agate 1591 : I cut one of these for a friend and he keeps saying #gallery Singleton_Bouquet_Agate_1591

CAB 1591

Singleton Bouquet Agate 1592 : A nice Yellow Plume Bouquet badge cab. #gallery Singleton_Bouquet_Agate_1592

CAB 1592

Singleton Bouquet Agate 1593 : A slender ellipse of Bouquet Plume. I kept stepping over this thinking it was dead pearblossom cactus. #gallery Singleton_Bouquet_Agate_1593

CAB 1593

Singleton Bouquet Agate 1594 : Okay Singleton Bouquet in a very large cab with the lighter sprays framed by the black. #gallery Singleton_Bouquet_Agate_1594

CAB 1594

Singleton Bouquet Agate 2025 : Wonderful Orange plumes highlight this badge stone. #gallery Singleton_Bouquet_Agate_2025

CAB 2025

Singleton Bouquet Agate 2026 : Yellow, Golds and Browns grace this cab. #gallery Singleton_Bouquet_Agate_2026

CAB 2026

Singleton Bouquet Agate 2027 : A long Ellipse with pastel Yellow and Grey Plumes with a milky agate. #gallery Singleton_Bouquet_Agate_2027

CAB 2027

Singleton Bouquet Agate 2028 : Orange and Reds and deep clear in this little gem. #gallery Singleton_Bouquet_Agate_2028

CAB 2028

Singleton Plume Agate 1545 : A pretty little teardrop of black plume. #gallery Singleton_Plume_Agate_1545

CAB 1545

Singleton Plume Agate 1546 A perfect ellipse cab with a single plume positioned in the center.  You can imagine the necklace with this stone in it. maybe rotated counter clockwise so plume aims up. #gallery Singleton_Plume_Agate_1546

CAB 1546

Singleton Plume Agate 1547 : Sweet plumes crossing this cab. #gallery Singleton_Plume_Agate_1547

CAB 1547

Singleton Plume Agate 1548 : Another very long ellipse of wonderful plumes in a salt and pepper cab. #gallery Singleton_Plume_Agate_1548

CAB 1548

Singleton Plume Agate 1549 : A Kelp forest of Black Plume in this cab. Hard to imagine more plume in there. #gallery Singleton_Plume_Agate_1549

CAB 1549

Singleton Plume Agate 1550 : The plumes are hiding a bit in this salt and pepper cab from Singleton #gallery Singleton_Plume_Agate_1550

CAB 1550

Singleton Plume Agate 1551 : A very long teardrop cab with the Gray and Black plumes rising out of tyhe dark base. So pretty. #gallery Singleton_Plume_Agate_1551

CAB 1551

Singleton Plume Agate 1552 : Almost a jellybean of lovely plume agate #gallery Singleton_Plume_Agate_1552

CAB 1552

Singleton Plume Agate 1553 : A large cut but what a magnificent plume spray to capture.  Singleton at it's best. #gallery Singleton_Plume_Agate_1553

CAB 1553

Singleton Plume Agate 1554 : Ultra delicate plumes and in an almost Gray. #gallery Singleton_Plume_Agate_1554

CAB 1554

Singleton Plume Agate 1555 : Rounded teardrop to harness these plumes. #gallery Singleton_Plume_Agate_1555

CAB 1555

Singleton Plume Agate 1556 : Another cab where I incorporated the natural bubbly chalcedony in the cut with a nice long black plume. #gallery Singleton_Plume_Agate_1556

CAB 1556

Singleton Plume Agate 1557 : I love the Brown, plumes and fortification pattern in this cab. So much going for it. #gallery Singleton_Plume_Agate_1557

CAB 1557

Singleton Plume Agate 1558 : The Plumes in this cab have the hematite sparkle like some do.  A very nice large cab. #gallery Singleton_Plume_Agate_1558

CAB 1558

Singleton Plume Agate 1559 : perfect plumes in this rounded marquise cut. #gallery Singleton_Plume_Agate_1559

CAB 1559

Singleton Plume Agate 1560 : A teardrop with very delicate plumes. #gallery Singleton_Plume_Agate_1560

CAB 1560

Singleton Plume Agate 1561 : Most Singleton Plume is nice but boy is this one Gemmy! #gallery Singleton_Plume_Agate_1561

CAB 1561

Singleton Plume Agate 1562 : Lovely Black plumes coming up from the back in this salt and pepper cab. #gallery Singleton_Plume_Agate_1562

CAB 1562

Singleton Plume Agate 1563 : A very precise Singleton Plume against the clear Agate teardrop. #gallery Singleton_Plume_Agate_1563

CAB 1563

Singleton Plume Agate 1564 : I saw this cab in the slab immediately and what a cab it made.  Singleton Plume is so nice. #gallery Singleton_Plume_Agate_1564

CAB 1564

Singleton Plume Agate 1565 : The Plume always looks good with a little gray.  A very nice badge. #gallery Singleton_Plume_Agate_1565

CAB 1565

Singleton Plume Agate 1566 : Another Singleton Plume cab where I have left some of the natural bubbly agate. #gallery Singleton_Plume_Agate_1566

CAB 1566

Singleton Plume Agate 1567 :  A dark Singleton Plume with some mossy tops. #gallery Singleton_Plume_Agate_1567

CAB 1567

Singleton Plume Agate 1568 : Another delicate Singleton Plume in this great teardrop.  This stuff just screams to be jewelry. #gallery Singleton_Plume_Agate_1568

CAB 1568

Singleton Plume Agate 1569 : I left the upper right natural to show the bubbly in this pretty Singleton Plume Agate. #gallery Singleton_Plume_Agate_1569

CAB 1569