Montana Dendritic Agate: This material is so unique. It is a very hard agate with a variety of different Dendrite types and colors. The Material can also Iris on occasion and some moss and Sagenite can be found. The material is striking in it's contrast. Although the material often has fractures, creative cutting and slabbing can make the most of this gem material.

Montana Agate 462  :  A couple of Dendrite  waterlines at the top and some impressive tall Dendrites at the base in a darker Agate.  A very visually Stunning stone. #gallery Montana_Agate_462

CAB 462

Montana Agate 463  :  A very slender beveled drop.  I cut this because I saw a very long pendant with only a cap holding it at the top allowing the whole stone to be seen. #gallery Montana_Agate_463

CAB 463

Montana Agate 464  :  Interesting cut of Montana Agate.  I wanted to leave the Quartz Crystal structure .  Very nice texture changes in this very pretty stone #gallery Montana_Agate_464

CAB 464

Montana Agate 465  :  Fantastic Montana Dendritic Agate, beveled sides and slight radius top. #gallery Montana_Agate_465

CAB 465

Montana Agate 467  :  Water clear Montana Dendritic Agate is always a treat to cut when it is fracture free.  This shape was a given with the sweep of the dendrites. #gallery Montana_Agate_467

CAB 467

Montana Agate 468  :  Some pretty Ink spot Dendrites in a ring stone. #gallery Montana_Agate_468

CAB 468

Montana Agate 469  :  Montana Dendritic Agate with some nice stringers and tubes.  Gemmy cab and perfect polish. #gallery Montana_Agate_469

CAB 469

Montana Agate 470  :  A tall cab of top grade Montana Agate with large dendrites and no fractures and a perfect finish.  Look at the depth in this stone. #gallery Montana_Agate_470

CAB 470

Montana Agate 1358 : What a stone! #gallery Montana_Agate_1358

CAB 1358

Montana Agate 1360 : A Huge and stunning stone.  Totally Gemmy #gallery Montana_Agate_1360

CAB 1360

Montana Agate 1851 : Dots everywhere in this wide badge of Montana. #gallery Montana_Agate_1851

CAB 1851

Montana Agate 2163 : Very pretty with bands and dendrites. #gallery Montana_Agate_2163

CAB 2163

Montana Agate 2164 : Loaded with dots of every size.  I love this stuff. #gallery Montana_Agate_2164

CAB 2164

Montana Agate 2165 : Rich colors and great dendrites in this beauty. #gallery Montana_Agate_2165

CAB 2165

Montana Agate 2166 : A Fantastic Bowl of Dendrites dive below the surface.  A real stunner. #gallery Montana_Agate_2166

CAB 2166

Montana Agate 2167 : A sweet litttle bar of dendrtic dots. #gallery Montana_Agate_2167

CAB 2167

Traded Montana Agate 471T  :  A tall cab of top grade Montana Agate with large dendrites and a perfect finish.  Look at the depth in this stone. #gallery Traded_Montana_Agate_471T

Traded Cab N/A

Traded Montana Agate 472T  :  A nice Montana Agate with a couple of Moss tubes. #gallery Traded_Montana_Agate_472T

Traded Cab N/A

Traded Montana Agate 473T  :  description #gallery Traded_Montana_Agate_473T

Traded Cab N/A

Traded Montana Agate 474T  :  description #gallery Traded_Montana_Agate_474T

Traded Cab N/A

Traded Montana Agate 475T  :  description #gallery Traded_Montana_Agate_475T

Traded Cab N/A

Traded Montana Agate 1359T #gallery Traded_Montana_Agate_1359T

Traded Cab N/A