Nipomo and its famous bean field agates. A few Rockhounds destroyed our reputation in the 60's when they starting ignoring owners rights by crossing fences, tramping thru freshly planted fields, closing gates trapping cows away from their water etc. Nipomo has multicolored Sagenite Agate, Marcasite Agate, Dendritic, Whale Bone, Chert and more. There are a couple small areas that aren't private property but for the better material you need to have permission from a land owner. Honesty is valuable though and I went to a couple farms and introduced myself and asked politely and got smiles and welcomes and was able to collect to my hearts desire.

Nipomo Agate 2216 #gallery Nipomo_Agate_2216

CAB 2216

Nipomo Agate 2217 #gallery Nipomo_Agate_2217

CAB 2217

Nipomo Agate 2218 #gallery Nipomo_Agate_2218

CAB 2218

Nipomo Agate 2219 #gallery Nipomo_Agate_2219

CAB 2219

Nipomo Sagenite Agate 812  :  A pillow cut domed on both sides, I wanted to make a necklace from this. #gallery Nipomo_Sagenite_Agate_812

CAB 812

Nipomo Sagenite Agate 813  :  Lovely Lavendar coloered needles in this small cab.  Definately one of the harder colors to find. #gallery Nipomo_Sagenite_Agate_813

CAB 813

Nipomo Sagenite Agate 814  :  Pink needles grace this Milky cab. #gallery Nipomo_Sagenite_Agate_814

CAB 814

Nipomo Sagenite Agate 815  :  Multi Colored Needles in a bowtie and then Red Agate accents.  A wonderful large cab. #gallery Nipomo_Sagenite_Agate_815

CAB 815

Nipomo Sagenite Agate 816  :  A subtle cab with delicate needles in a Rasberry Agate. #gallery Nipomo_Sagenite_Agate_816

CAB 816

Nipomo Sagenite Agate 817  :  The colors and needles are beautiful in this small ring stone. #gallery Nipomo_Sagenite_Agate_817

CAB 817

Nipomo Sagenite Agate 818  :  Both sides of a double domed cab of Golden, Tan and Pink Sagenite. #gallery Nipomo_Sagenite_Agate_818

CAB 818

Nipomo Sagenite Agate 819  :  A small cab of Straw colored Sagenite. #gallery Nipomo_Sagenite_Agate_819

CAB 819

Nipomo Sagenite Agate 820  :  A small cob of Strawberry and Orange needles in a Yellowish Agate. #gallery Nipomo_Sagenite_Agate_820

CAB 820

Nipomo Sagenite Agate 821  :  A double domed showing both side of this fantastic Golden Needles against a Purple White Agate. #gallery Nipomo_Sagenite_Agate_821

CAB 821

Nipomo Sagenite Agate 822  :  A nice large Sagenite Agate with tons of needles floating in a golden Agate. #gallery Nipomo_Sagenite_Agate_822

CAB 822

Nipomo Sagenite Agate 823  :  Holy.  Pick your color.  Sagenite in Brown, Pink, Tan, Black, Green and Gold in the large traditional cab.  One for the collection. #gallery Nipomo_Sagenite_Agate_823

CAB 823

Nipomo Sagenite Agate 824  :  Orange and Red Needles in the Yellow and White Agate.  A very soft shape cab. #gallery Nipomo_Sagenite_Agate_824

CAB 824

Nipomo Sagenite Agate 825  :  A small pendant cab of Dark Agate and Dark needles. #gallery Nipomo_Sagenite_Agate_825

CAB 825

Nipomo Sagenite Agate 826  :  Such pretty colors.  You just rarely find the Lavendar needles and this also shows some Gold needles to accent. #gallery Nipomo_Sagenite_Agate_826

CAB 826

Nipomo Sagenite Agate 827  :  Straw needles float thru the similar colored Agate.  A great example of Nipomo Sagenite. #gallery Nipomo_Sagenite_Agate_827

CAB 827

Nipomo Sagenite Agate 828  :  Colorful,  the Straw needles coming thru this Cherry Red and Orange Agate are a spectacular combination. #gallery Nipomo_Sagenite_Agate_828

CAB 828

Nipomo Sagenite Agate 829  :  Yet another double domed pillow cut.  Just look at the needles and colors in this stone. #gallery Nipomo_Sagenite_Agate_829

CAB 829

Nipomo Sagenite Agate 1258  :  A super fan of needles from top and bottom.  Glassy cab. #gallery Nipomo_Sagenite_Agate_1258

CAB 1258

Nipomo Sagenite Agate 1259  :  Super si;icated and great Sagenite. #gallery Nipomo_Sagenite_Agate_1259

CAB 1259

Nipomo Sagenite Agate 1519 : I love collecting in Nipomo. What a nice sagenite spray in this Nipomo! #gallery Nipomo_Sagenite_Agate_1519

CAB 1519

Nipomo Sagenite Agate 1520 : I love collecting in Nipomo. What loaded sagenite sprays in this Nipomo #gallery Nipomo_Sagenite_Agate_1520

CAB 1520

Nipomo Sagenite Agate 1521 : A set of nice Sagenite sprays in this cab #gallery Nipomo_Sagenite_Agate_1521

CAB 1521

Nipomo Sagenite Agate 1522 : Beatiful large rounded teardrop of beautiful Nipomo Sagenite.  Just love collecting in Nipomo. #gallery Nipomo_Sagenite_Agate_1522

CAB 1522

Nipomo Sagenite Agate 1523 : A great Nipomo cab with just a little undercutting at the base of this spray. #gallery Nipomo_Sagenite_Agate_1523

CAB 1523

Nipomo Sagenite Agate 1524 : a large cab of top notch Nipomo Sagenite material. #gallery Nipomo_Sagenite_Agate_1524

CAB 1524

Nipomo Sagenite Agate 1525 : A very large Nipomo collectors cab.  I love collecting in Nipomo. #gallery Nipomo_Sagenite_Agate_1525

CAB 1525

Nipomo Sagenite Agate 1526 :  A huge collectors Nipomo Sagenite cab. A very nice stone. #gallery Nipomo_Sagenite_Agate_1526

CAB 1526

Nipomo Sagenite Agate 1528 : A colorful Pink Sagenite cab from Nipomo. #gallery Nipomo_Sagenite_Agate_1528

CAB 1528

Nipomo Sagenite Agate 2148 : A wide tear drop of classic Sagenite from this famous location. #gallery Nipomo_Sagenite_Agate_2148

CAB 2148

Nipomo Sagenite Agate 2193 #gallery Nipomo_Sagenite_Agate_2193

CAB 2193

Nipomo Sagenite Agate 2194 #gallery Nipomo_Sagenite_Agate_2194

CAB 2194

Nipomo Sagenite Agate 2195 #gallery Nipomo_Sagenite_Agate_2195

CAB 2195

Nipomo Sagenite Agate 2196 #gallery Nipomo_Sagenite_Agate_2196

CAB 2196

Nipomo Sagenite Agate 2197 #gallery Nipomo_Sagenite_Agate_2197

CAB 2197

Nipomo Sagenite Agate 2198 #gallery Nipomo_Sagenite_Agate_2198

CAB 2198

Nipomo Sagenite Agate 2199 #gallery Nipomo_Sagenite_Agate_2199

CAB 2199

Nipomo Sagenite Agate 2200 #gallery Nipomo_Sagenite_Agate_2200

CAB 2200

Nipomo Sagenite Agate 2201 #gallery Nipomo_Sagenite_Agate_2201

CAB 2201

Nipomo Sagenite Agate 2202 #gallery Nipomo_Sagenite_Agate_2202

CAB 2202

Nipomo Sagenite Agate 2203 #gallery Nipomo_Sagenite_Agate_2203

CAB 2203

Nipomo Sagenite Agate 2204 #gallery Nipomo_Sagenite_Agate_2204

CAB 2204

Nipomo Sagenite Agate 2205 #gallery Nipomo_Sagenite_Agate_2205

CAB 2205

Nipomo Sagenite Agate 2206 #gallery Nipomo_Sagenite_Agate_2206

CAB 2206

Nipomo Sagenite Agate 2207 #gallery Nipomo_Sagenite_Agate_2207

CAB 2207

#gallery Nipomo_Sagenite_Agate_2208