Ocean Jasper is from Northern Madagascar on the coast. It is literally in the tide zones which is how it came by the name. A beautiful orbicular Jasper in unlimited color combinations its patterns lend itself to excellent jewelry. Some of the material can tend to have a bit of Quartz or a multitude of druzy pockets but these often can add beauty to the design.

Ocean Jasper 831  :  Cut to capture the line of orbs, was intended for a drop necklace. #gallery Ocean_Jasper_831

CAB 831

Ocean Jasper 832  :  Wonderful sweep of Ocean Jasper in Greens and Pinks.  This material can be a blast to use. #gallery Ocean_Jasper_832

CAB 832

Ocean Jasper 833  :  Strong contrast changes and colors in this badge cut with Whites , Greens and Oranges. #gallery Ocean_Jasper_833

CAB 833

Ocean Jasper 834  :  A Small Green beveled ring stone #gallery Ocean_Jasper_834

CAB 834

Ocean Jasper 2074 : A super badge cut of nice translucent Ocean Jasper. The Green plays nicely with the Orange background. #gallery Ocean_Jasper_2074

CAB 2074