These are a mix of different Plume Agates and other stones with plumes. A plume is a growth that looks like a plant like growth almost like a bush branch or sagebrush. There are many definitions of plumes.

Apache flame agate 317  :  This large cab shows the classic water clear and Yellow/Orange swirls but also has Plumes running all thru the Yellow area at the base #gallery Apache_flame_agate_317

CAB 317

Apache Flame Agate 1724 : A Collectors large cab of this rare material.  Classic colors and a mirror finish. #gallery Apache_Flame_Agate_1724-a

CAB 1724

Apache Flame Agate 1893  :  A Nice large Collector cab with the classic ribbons and a field of Plume in a Yellow field. #gallery Apache_Flame_Agate_1893

CAB 1893

Australian Jasper 535  :  A very nice cut of Jasper from Australia. #gallery Australian_Jasper_535

CAB 535

Cady Mountains Plume Agate 1811 : Ohhhh yeah!  I thought this was a moss agate when I picked it up in the Cady Mountains.  What a surprise this was.  Eat your heart out. #gallery Cady_Mountains_Plume_Agate_1811

CAB 1811

Cady Mountains Plume Agate 1812 : Another secret spot in the Cady Mountains.  We were picking up these small nodules from a non-decript hill and found the plume in them when we ground them down.  Not a lot there but so precious #gallery Cady_Mountains_Plume_Agate_1812

CAB 1812

Cady Mtns Agate 592  :  Yet another from my new location in the South Cady Mountains. #gallery Cady_Mtns_Agate_592

CAB 592

Cady Mtns Agate 599  :  North Cady White Plume in Red Agate.  A  small stone but was playing with the patterns you get by cutting thru the plumes. #gallery Cady_Mtns_Agate_599

CAB 599

Canadian River Plume 549  :  This Plume rocks against the white backdrop.  A great cab sure to be a pendant #gallery Canadian_River_Plume_549

CAB 549

Canadian River Plume Agate 1865 : Wonderful cab with plumes spraying across the cab.  White and GFold contrast nicely to show plumes. #gallery Canadian_River_Plume_Agate_1865

CAB 1865

Carey Plume Agate 550  :  I bought this long shard of Carey Plume for 5 dollars out of a tray of mixed slabs.  What an elegant cab! #gallery Carey_Plume_Agate_550

CAB 550

Caneros Ranch Plume 835  :  What lovely orangish Pink Plume sprays in the clear Agate. #gallery Carneros_Ranch_Plume_835

CAB 835

Caneros Ranch Plume 836  :  A small broken section of a slab had this plume spray and it made a great little stone for a necklace. #gallery Carneros_Ranch_Plume_836

CAB 836

Caneros Ranch Plume 837  :  Orange Pinkish Plumes float thru this clear and White Agate
#gallery Carneros_Ranch_Plume_837

CAB 837

Chrysocolla plume agate 609  :   A small but pretty cab of this cool material.  Sure hope I find the vein gets bigger. #gallery Chrysocolla_Plume_Agate_609

CAB 609

Chrysocholla plume agate 610  :   A small druzy center With those beautiful Turquoise colors coming in from the sides. #gallery Chrysocolla_Plume_Agate_610

CAB 610

Chrysocolla plume agate 611  :   Turquoise Plumes with Black dendritic plumes.  Looks like a small aquarium. #gallery Chrysocolla_Plume_Agate_611

CAB 611

Chrysocolla plume agate 612  :  A small cab, as are all of these since I have so far only discovered a narrow seam of this material. #gallery Chrysocolla_Plume_Agate_612

CAB 612

Chrysocolla plume agate 613  :  A small cab, as are all of these since I have so far only discovered a narrow seam of this material.  What great depth and colors though. #gallery Chrysocolla_Plume_Agate_613

CAB 613

Chrysocolla plume agate 614  :   This cab I tried grinding thru the base to have the colors floating more in the middle of the cab. #gallery Chrysocolla_Plume_Agate_614

CAB 614

Chrysocolla Plume Agate 1775 : I only found narrow seams and haven't gone back to look for more. A longer cab looking down on the plumes. #gallery Chrysocolla_Plume_Agate_1775

CAB 1775

Coronary Plume Agate 642  :  An elongated half barrel this cab would make an excellent necklace.  It has well defined plumes from Red to Plum. #gallery Coronary_Plume_Agate_642

CAB 642

Coronary Plume Agate  643  :  All Red Moss, natural cap on the top and elegant shape.  A pretty stone for a drop pendant. #gallery Coronary_Plume_Agate_643

CAB 643

Coronary Plume Agate 644  :  A bit darker stone and more on the mossy side, 2 pits towards the bottom. #gallery Coronary_Plume_Agate_644

CAB 644

Coronary Plume Agate 645  :  A pretty stone.  A bit more mossy plumes, nice color shift. #gallery Coronary_Plume_Agate_645

CAB 645

Coronary Plume Agate 646  :  Red on milky base,  pretty plumes but not as well defined as the other cabs. #gallery Coronary_Plume_Agate_646

CAB 646

Coronary Plume Agate 647  :  Soft base and sharp top work well of the cut.  The Plumes make a nice color change and Blues in the base. #gallery Coronary_Plume_Agate_647

CAB 647

Coronary Plume Agate 648  :  A gemmy cab with the Plumes floating in a nice Clear base. #gallery Coronary_Plume_Agate_648

CAB 648

Coronary Plume Agate 649  :  An excellent example of the Plumes.  This cab came from the deeper sections of the seam 4 to 5 feet which stated with the sharp color change to Blues. #gallery Coronary_Plume_Agate_649

CAB 649

Coronary Plume Agate 650  :  Prety cab with a small floater and good Plumes. #gallery Coronary_Plume_Agate_650

CAB 650

Coronary Plume Agate 651  :  A nice cut with dark to light Red Plumes and a Blue Agate backgound. #gallery Coronary_Plume_Agate_651

CAB 651

Coronary Plume Agate 652  :  A dark Drop cut with Dark Red Plumes, not as sharply defined as the other stones. #gallery Coronary_Plume_Agate_652

CAB 652

Coronary Plume Agate 653  :  A geometric cut with well formed Plumes and a nicely contrasting Pink Plume. #gallery Coronary_Plume_Agate_653

CAB 653

Coronary Plume Agate 654  :  A large traditional cut with well defined Plumes and a druzy pocket. #gallery Coronary_Plume_Agate_654

CAB 654

Coronary Plume Agate 655  :  A large traditional cut with well contrasted Plumes running all across the stone over the milky cente.  A pretty Bright White floater sets it off. #gallery Coronary_Plume_Agate_655

CAB 655

Coronary Plume Agate 656  :  A darker stone with an almost Cherry top to it.  Plumes are not as defined but a very pretty stone. #gallery Coronary_Plume_Agate_656

CAB 656

Coronary Plume Agate 657  :  A nice smaller stone with Plumes. #gallery Coronary_Plume_Agate_657

CAB 657

Coronary Plume Agate 658  :  A long pendant drop.  This one is the plumes in a darker color.  A couple of druzy pockets. #gallery Coronary_Plume_Agate_658

CAB 658

Coronary Plume Agate 659  :  Wow, great Plume feathers floating above the Blue Agate.  A very pretty stone. #gallery Coronary_Plume_Agate_659

CAB 659

Coronary Plume Agate 660  :  A different cut and one that looks very appealing.  Combine that with the plumes and this is a very nice stone. #gallery Coronary_Plume_Agate_660

CAB 660

Coronary Plume Agate 661  :  A bar cab with Plume sprays all down it. #gallery Coronary_Plume_Agate_661

CAB 661

Coronary Plume Agate 662  :  Very nice cab with good plumes ad distinct color changes. #gallery Coronary_Plume_Agate_662

CAB 662

Coronary Plume Agate 663  :  Nice plumes and colors.  This one was from deeper in the vein where the contrast Agate started to have a blue hue to it. #gallery Coronary_Plume_Agate_663

CAB 663

Coronary Plume Agate 664  :  A great stone for a pendant, very nice color change from dark to light. #gallery Coronary_Plume_Agate_664

CAB 664

Coronary Plume Agate 665  :  A pretty hal barrel with nice plumes, a small druzy spot on the left side of the cab. #gallery Coronary_Plume_Agate_665

CAB 665

This was why I called it Coronary Plume.  Besides finding an untouched vein 30 feet long and who knows how deep of this material. #gallery DSCN2478

Large slab light coming thru

This was why I called it Coronary Plume.  Besides finding an untouched vein 30 feet long and who knows how deep of this material. #gallery DSCN2879

Another slab with light thru it.

A daylight view of the plumes in the slabs. #gallery DSCN2922

Uncut slab

A daylight view of the plumes in one of the slabs. #gallery DSCN2933

Uncut slab

Horse Canyon Plume 725  :  I wanted to keep the rough bubbly surface of the plume on the top of this cab and boy did it work out well.  It litereally looks like a bouquet of flowers #gallery Horse_Canyon_Plume_725

CAB 725

Horse Canyon Plume Agate 702  :  A nice small translucent agate with Green and Cream Plumes. #gallery Horse_Canyon_Plume_Agate_702

CAB 702

Horse Canyon Plume Agate 703  :  A pretty little Green Plume in Black Translucent Agate and a small Crystal vug. #gallery Horse_Canyon_Plume_Agate_703

CAB 703

Horse Canyon Plume Agate 704  :  I got 2 slices out of the stone and WOW.   Finding these multi colored Plumes hiding in these White clouds was quote the treat.  A large stone and top notch. #gallery Horse_Canyon_Plume_Agate_704

CAB 704

Horse Canyon Plume Agate 710  :  Great White Plumes running all thru this Gold and Black Agate. #gallery Horse_Canyon_Plume_Agate_710

CAB 710

Horse Canyon Plume Agate 714  :  White Plume on Black with extremely well formed plumes!  This is waiting for a ring to hold it. #gallery Horse_Canyon_Plume_Agate_714

CAB 714

Horse Canyon Plume Agate 716  :  A stunning stone with Cherry Red and Gold Plume floating in a Clear Agate.  Although I found this in Horse Canyon they are very rare colors #gallery Horse_Canyon_Plume_Agate_716

CAB 716

Horse Canyon Plume Agate 719  :  Another large cab with Cream, White and Green Plumes in a Clear and Black Agate. #gallery Horse_Canyon_Plume_Agate_719

CAB 719

Horse Canyon Plume Agate 720  :  A small ring stone but featuring White Plumes against a gloss Black Agate. #gallery Horse_Canyon_Plume_Agate_720

CAB 720

Horse Canyon Plume Agate 721  :  A nice half barrel for a necklace with Black and White contrasts and some cottage cheese Plume in the corner. #gallery Horse_Canyon_Plume_Agate_721

CAB 721

Horse Canyon Plume Agate 723  :  A pretty stone with Gold Plumes and Black accents against a White backdrop are fantastic in this early cut. #gallery Horse_Canyon_Plume_Agate_723

CAB 723

Horse Canyon Plume Agate 724  :  Simply awesome.  This is what made Horse Canyon Famous.  This cab is all plume with Green, Orange, Yellow, Black, Red and even Lavendar.  This was a piece if seam material that looked almost black from the side and was a little over 1/4 #gallery Horse_Canyon_Plume_Agate_724

CAB 724

Horse Canyon Plume Agate 726  :  Not self collected.  A great very gemmy cab in the Black and plumes with a small area of the comon Opal.  A classic cab from this classic location. #gallery Horse_Canyon_Plume_Agate_726

CAB 726

Horse Canyon Plume Agate 727  :  Not self collected.  This was just like some of the first plume material I had collected when I first got access to Horse Canyon.  A beautiful cab. #gallery Horse_Canyon_Plume_Agate_727

CAB 727

Horse Canyon Plume Agate 737  :  A simple fan cut in Black with Cream colored plumes. #gallery Horse_Canyon_Plume_Agate_737

CAB 1670

Horse Canyon Plume Agate 739  :  The White clouds in this Agate hide the Black coating with Plume centers but cutting through them makes for a pretty stone. #gallery Horse_Canyon_Plume_Agate_739

CAB 1687

Horse Canyon Plume Agate 740  :  Black Agate and plumes surrounded by White Agate and then layer after layer of waterlines.  Large cab and very beautiful. #gallery Horse_Canyon_Plume_Agate_740

CAB 1688

Horse Canyon Plume Agate 741 #gallery Horse_Canyon_Plume_Agate_741

CAB 1655

Horse Canyon Plume Agate 743  :  All Plumes!  White, Gold, Carmel, Black  This is a very large traditional cab that blows your mind with a loupe. #gallery Horse_Canyon_Plume_Agate_743

CAB 1691

Horse Canyon Plume Agate 758  :  A large traditional cab with White, Green and a bit of Carmel Plumes popping up all over this cab. #gallery Horse_Canyon_Plume_Agate_758

CAB 1920

Horse Canyon Plume Agate 770   :   Horse Canyon Plume Agate with Gold and Green Plume and White Opal layers. #gallery Horse_Canyon_Plume_Agate_770

CAB 770

Horse Canyon Plume Agate 771  :  A wonderful Black and White Agate cab with Black Plumes hidden in the Black Agate. #gallery Horse_Canyon_Plume_Agate_771

CAB 771

Horse Canyon Plume Agate 772  :  Clear and Black Plume Agate with a White Opal center #gallery Horse_Canyon_Plume_Agate_772

CAB 772

Horse Canyon Plume Agate 773  :  Clear and Black Agate with plumes and Waterline. #gallery Horse_Canyon_Plume_Agate_773

CAB 773

Horse Canyon Plume Agate 774  :  Large Plume stringers in Agate with a Druzy Pocket in center #gallery Horse_Canyon_Plume_Agate_774

CAB 774

Horse Canyon Plume Agate 775  :  Beautiful high dome cab with plumes rising up thru the clear Agate like a kelp forest. #gallery Horse_Canyon_Plume_Agate_775

CAB 775

Horse Canyon Plume Agate 776  :  Black frames these Creme and White Plumes around a milky filling.  A very nice cab for a pendant. #gallery Horse_Canyon_Plume_Agate_776

CAB 776

Horse Canyon Plume Agate 777  :  An area in the North of the canyon hosted this milky Agate with White Plumes.  Still on BLM land this spot is still collectible. #gallery Horse_Canyon_Plume_Agate_777

CAB 777

Horse Canyon Plume Agate 778  :  Reddish Golden Plumes surround the White center with some moss in the bottom right.  A pocket center bottom where moss should be. #gallery Horse_Canyon_Plume_Agate_778

CAB 778

Horse Canyon Plume Agate 779  :  Golden Plumes with White centers highlight this Bola shape of translucent milky Agate. #gallery Horse_Canyon_Plume_Agate_779

CAB 779

Horse Canyon Plume Agate 780  :  A special cab with so much Plume and pattern that I just had to dome both sides.  A special 3d piece. #gallery Horse_Canyon_Plume_Agate_780

CAB 780

Horse Canyon Plume Agate 781  :  A small ring stone or even a pendant.  The golden Agate sets off these perfect Green Plumes. #gallery Horse_Canyon_Plume_Agate_781

CAB 781

Horse Canyon Plume Agate 782  :  Light Green Plumes in this Black Agate (common color combo at Horse Canyon) #gallery Horse_Canyon_Plume_Agate_782

CAB 782

Horse Canyon Plume Agate 783  :  Light Green Plumes in this Black Agate (common color combo at Horse Canyon) #gallery Horse_Canyon_Plume_Agate_783

CAB 783

Horse Canyon Plume Agate 784  :  A large traditional cab with fantastic Moss and Plumes.  This is a perfect cab and definately a collectors piece. #gallery Horse_Canyon_Plume_Agate_784

CAB 784

Horse Canyon Plume Agate 785  :  Luckily this cab was from a large piece of rough I dug up that gave me quite a few slabs.  Plumes on both sides of the White floater pocket.  What a cab! #gallery Horse_Canyon_Plume_Agate_785

CAB 785

Horse Canyon Plume Agate 786  :  A Great Black and Gold Plume Agate cab.  This was from one of my first trips into the site. #gallery Horse_Canyon_Plume_Agate_786

CAB 786

Horse Canyon Plume Agate 1781 #gallery Horse_Canyon_Plume_Agate_1781

CAB 1781

Horse Canyon Plume Agate 1782 : Pretty Egg of puffy style of Horse Canyon Plume #gallery Horse_Canyon_Plume_Agate_1782

CAB 1782

Horse Canyon Plume Agate 1783 : A slendar bar of Horse Canyon Plume where the pliume hides inside White cloud like inclusions in the Agate. #gallery Horse_Canyon_Plume_Agate_1783

CAB 1783

Horse Canyon Plume Agate 1784 : Mid teardrop of earhy plume in a clear cab. #gallery Horse_Canyon_Plume_Agate_1784

CAB 1784

Icicle Agate 615  :  Another small stone I cut as a doublet with the silicifed Basenite I found.  A beautiful combo these 2. #gallery Icicle_Agate_615

CAB 615

Icicle Agate 617  :  Drop Tongue domed both sides  of Icicle Agate with water clear Agate and White Opal plumes. #gallery Icicle_Agate_617

CAB 617

Icicle Agate 618  :  Square of Icicle Agate ith water clear Agate with plumes coming up like candles. #gallery Icicle_Agate_618

CAB 618

Icicle Agate 619  :  Traditional cab of Icicle Agate ith water clear Agate and White Opal plumes. #gallery Icicle_Agate_619

CAB 619

Icicle Agate 620  :  Traditional cab of Icicle Agate ith water clear Agate and White Opal plumes. #gallery Icicle_Agate_620

CAB 620

Icicle Agate 621  :  Traditional cab of Icicle Agate ith water clear Agate and White Opal plumes. #gallery Icicle_Agate_621

CAB 621

Icicle Agate 622  :  Traditional cab of Icicle Agate ith water clear Agate and White Opal plumes. #gallery Icicle_Agate_622

CAB 622

Icicle Agate 623  :  Traditional cab of Icicle Agate ith water clear Agate and White Opal plumes. #gallery Icicle_Agate_623

CAB 623

Icicle Agate 624  :  Traditional cab of Icicle Agate ith water clear Agate and White Opal plumes. #gallery Icicle_Agate_624

CAB 624

Icicle Agate 625  :  Traditional cab of Icicle Agate ith water clear Agate and White Opal plumes. #gallery Icicle_Agate_625

CAB 625